Military Training – Amelia Jane Rutherford/Leia Ann Woods – FIRMHAND

25 Oct

Another series with Amelia Rutherford, put together with Leia Ann Woods, and exploiting the fetish of being spanked by powerful male authority figures.

‘BA’ (7 minutes): The scene opens with Leia flat on her stomach, Amelia slowly spreading cold cream on her bottom.  Leia was just paddled. Amelia looks at the paddle, and knowing she will be getting her own dose of it soon, wants to be sure she can deal with it. “I am worried about disgracing myself.”

Leia agrees to paddle Amelia. the first 5 will be on her ‘Trousers.” Good solid crackers from Leia–Amelia screams and crumbles on each. Trousers down for the second 5, on her black panties. Wow!

‘Cameron’  interrupts them. “What the devil are you doing?”  The actor is short-both girls have about a foot on him.  They are forced to admit Amelia is practicing for the paddle. He forces Amelia to kneel on the bed so he can check what damage has been done to her bottom.  “I will deal with Cadet Woods.”  Scene fades on Leia’s face, eyes wide in shock.

‘BB’ (6 minutes): Amelia learns to manage pain; trainer ‘Thomas Cameron’ enters her bedroom without warning to explain the training. He thinks Ms. Rutherford is “over enthusiastic,” because, after all, the idea is to spank her hard and teach her to sublimate the pain. She seems so darn willing.

With one of her characteristic little squeaks, she goes OTK, slacks down, pretty white satin panties. We’ve mentioned in other places how much we appreciate Ms. Rutherford’s taste in underwear. Cameron lays on a long handspanking, to help her recall her school days. Lovely facials of this 6′ blonde, hair braided into a ponytail.

He gets her panties down, a moment we wait for in every film. As he spanks, “I want to make you separate this (head) from that (bottom).” “Stop squeaking,” he admonishes. Don’t please, Amelia. Some of his thigh smacks: “I don’t like it low!”   One would guess this was not scripted. He is not interested in what she likes.

At the conclusion, she addresses the camera. “Golly, that hurt, especially on the bare.” Such prim innocence is a specialty of this actress.

‘BC’ (11 minutes): Amelia jogs in the woods with Leia Ann Woods, who appears occasionally in this series. When Amelia reports to trainer Thomas Cameron for this session, “Your problem is control.” Today, he will spank her while she reads aloud from a book.

This sounds fine to the ebullient Ms. Rutherford, at least until Cameron gets her OTK, her jogging pants down, and goes to work on her black bikini panties. Amelia immediately begins to choke on the words she is reading and takes some time to perfect the separation of her bottom from her brain.

When Cameron takes down the knickers, Amelia reminds him, “You know it does hurt more when you pull them down,” The spanking is filmed in very appealing and photogenic obliques and overheads. Whatever Ms. Rutherford has been doing to keep that bottom in shape to the year 2013, we applaud!

‘BD’ (5 minutes): Ms. Rutherford’s “training” continues. All in all, she is getting off much lighter than Sophie Fennington did in the CalStar classic “Canings and Cold Showers.’ Cameron has her bend over a chair and helps her down with her pants and thong. Wonderful stuff.

He uses a double-tongued strap. The purpose of this drill is for Amelia to mentally disassociate the pain from the exercise; rather Zen, we think, and it would take a lot of practice and many repetitions from Cameron. Full screen of her bottom getting whaled.

‘BE’ (2013; 8 minutes): Amelia alone is surprised by ‘Thomas Cameron’ in her room; he is experimenting with her tolerances, to “exposure,” and probably other things. We could suggest some. He orders her to remove her clothes. Almost gleefully, she jumps up and removes her top and skirt, in just seconds. “OK…..underwear too?”   “Not necessary.” Here again is the gorgeous, willowy Ms. Rutherford, in just minimal little flowered bra and matching bikini panties. Only a fashion model can stand such visual scrutiny.

He is going to crop her. She follows directions and kneels on the rumpled sheets of her bed, knees wide, head down, bottom up, doggy style. Cameron lays on about 30 crop strokes, moderate and varying in intensity. Ms. Rutherford of course knows how to be spanked. Her buttocks, covered by the little panties, is made hard and tight by this posture. There are traces of a previous spanking.

Amelia gasps her way through the session, quite willingly. Facials and other angles highlight this magnificent lady, and we see the crop fall at the same time. Cameron is pleased with her reaction to his experiment and promises the next session will be “a little more intense,” eliciting a well-practiced worried look from Rutherford.  She stays in the doggy posture for an intimate closeup of her bruised bottom.

‘BF’ (2013; time:  8 minutes) Trainee Amelia reports to Cameron again; this time, “I need to take you a little further than you’ve gone before.” “Yes, sir.” “Take off all your clothes.” Ms. Rutherford strips off her top, warmup pants, and knickers in about 5 seconds, without batting an eye, and faces us, her tawny fuzz on full display, an infrequent event and duration in her films.

Cameron is disappointed with her so-willing compliance–he wanted some resistance and drama, so he orders: “Clothes back on.” He has Amelia strip then dress several times, the nudie show is a big part of the film. All in front of us. Ms. Rutherford the actress!

Now Cameron will paddle her. Totally naked, she bends over a table, knowing how to arch her back and stick her bottom out without seeming to do it. Zinging strokes with a big leather embossed paddle. great facials, she hops around under the sting, nipples erect. Bottom closeup at the conclusion is the shot to remember, and would be another nominee for our Mount Rushmore. In 2013, Ms. Rutherford is staying in shape.

‘BG’ (2013; 9 minutes): Amelia hurries to report to Thomas Cameron’s quarters, wrapped in a towel from the pool. Without warning, today she will receive a little test with the strap– “a test of silence and will power.”

She drops the towel and climbs up and lies flat on her stomach on a long table. She wears a high-cut one piece bathing suit, her arrow figure to die for. Cameron will use a large tawse and bunches her suit until her buttocks are essentially bare. There are faint traces of previous filmings, but really, this is wonderful.

He begins the strapping–full swings;  she surges a bit and occasionally cannot control a gasp. FirmHand reports 37 strokes. a  fascinating camera shot up her legs over her feet depicts her bottom as rising foothills, and if you fancy bare feet and curling toes, this is one of the best shots we can recall. AND, FirmHand must keep the floors clean, because Amelia’s feet  sparkle.

This segment is a testimonial to the glamour of Ms. Rutherford’s willowy model’s body, still resplendent in this year 2013.

‘BH’ (2013; 15 minutes): Antagonist-trainer  Thomas Cameron shows Amelia his cane, which she eyes with a mock horror,  which starts the erotic tension before anything even happens. “I’m extremely concerned about ….your ability to focus.” She will be instructed on how to “disassociate” pain with the task at hand.

“Trousers and knickers down. Now!” The amazing Ms. Rutherford puts her bare bottom over the back of a straight chair, selected to be tall enough so that she can lock her long legs. She gets 3 moderate cane strokes, and howls and jumps out of position after each.

She will receive five more sets of 3 strokes, panties up after each set and then down. These goings-on constitute yet another celebration of her glorious bottom and cute white boyshorts. Facials, extensive bottom closeups, fingertips in the elastic; we may have used up our superlatives for this actress, but we submit this film as one of her finest.

Eighteen strokes in all, minor marks on her bottom; she collapses on the floor after Cameron leaves; we wonder how many actress’s buttocks could stand the scrutiny the camera provided here.  Slo-mo repeats of some of the strokes produce convincing jiggle.

‘BJ’ (2014; 9 minutes) Cameron lets himself into Cadet Rutherford’s room. She wears a white spaghetti strap top and plaid leisure pants. For having expermiented with the sensation of the wood paddle with Leia Ann Woods, Cameron will give her a real paddling.

“Let’s have those pajamas off.” Getting naked is no longer a problem in this training. Amelia peels off the top and pants in just seconds and wears no underwear.

Bend-over, hands on the bed, her bottom shows some yellowing bruises from the recent past. Twelve glancing blows from a thin fraternity-model paddle. Amelia is silent and stoic until about halfway through,when she begins to shriek. Wonderful angles, slow-motion repeats, and it should be noted with admiration that after all these years, Ms. Rutherford is still trim enough that you can count some ribs in this bend-over position.

‘BK’ (2014; 9 minutes) Amelia’s ‘final test’ before graduation-the tawse and the cane. Cameron arrives. “Knickers off….put this on.” “What is it?” “A blindfold.” Like all the fashion she generates, it is a stylish long white cloth.

She kneels up on the rest on her haunches, blindfolded and waiting, a view  we would use as a screen-saver. She accepts his physical lead as he guides her into the diaper position. She is surprised by the first stroke of the tawse.

She must kneel fully erect for the cane, and she breaks position a few times during the strokes.

At the conclusion, she takes off the blindfold and glows proudly when Cameron tells her she and Ms. Woods have passed the course.

Interview: Amelia Jane and Leia-Ann made a  5 minute interview on this series, which we have posted in FIRMHAND Interviews. 

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