Whipping Day At Table Mountain – NUWEST FCV-096

25 Oct

M/f; year: 2002; time: 26 minutes

Bare bottoms on wind-swept Table Mountain; Ed Lee whips three naked girls in 8 minute segments at the gibbet on the Table Mountain construction site. A blonde (is it model ‘Sandra’?) moves hastily to the I-beam structure, strips naked quickly, and put her flats shoes back on. Droll Ed Lee: “The object is to whip your ass, not your feet, this time!”

As the wind ripples the microphone, Sandra is manacled and hauled up. Lee always has fun doing this–in fact, it is difficult to think of a pre-spanking ritual he does not relish. He uses a long martinet, what he calls the “Navy cat,” whipping her back and bottom. We watch from the back and the front. Closeups of where the cat wraps her flanks. He finishes with one of those flurries which sets the girl to gasping, twisting, and pawing.

The second girl is a tiny auburn/redhead, who we have seen in this episode, excerpted into the “FBW” series. She pretends she doesn’t know what all this is about.

Clothes off, frontal glimpse of a full thatch of pubic hair, she is hoisted onto tiptoes, so that her flip-flops almost come off. A great little body, she twists and thrusts like the exotic dancer she is. Lee says he likes these “fair skinned wenches.” Some arrangement has been made, he won’t whip her ass, “a deal is a deal.” She accepts this entertaining humiliation in silence, finally gasping near the end.

The third girl, a little brunette, has to be dragged to the block. She strips naked. Ed (and we) likes what he sees. “Oh, you’re going to be a delight.” He whips her full-body. She is noisier than most, which does not matter in this secluded windy retreat. Scream away.

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