Lovers of Discipline – CALSTAR

28 Oct

MF/4f; year: mid-1980’s; time: 49 minutes

Vintage, early CalStar, production references to “Fennington Films” and “SfP.” Previews for ‘Canings and Cold Showers’ and ‘4 PM Detention’ establish the decade for us. Rather long comments we have written here, because of multiple scenes. We find these early, simplistic exercises fascinating.

Familiar uncle/father/schoolmaster disciplinarian, a guy who likes his bottoms, an essential ingredient, plays a father ‘Charles,’ whoe daughter ‘Clarissa’ has been expelled from boarding school. The girl’s stepmother, ‘Kate,’ thinks Clarissa is a tart, that she is a “disgusting little girl,” so we know what she will be waiting for her when she returns home.

Clarissa shows up–the actress ‘Amber Scott,’  of brassy blond hair, deep blue eyes, and bottom to stop traffic. Cousin Chloe has tagged along. Stepmother  Kate takes Clarissa OTK immediately, mini-skirt up, black panties hang on, for a lefthanded handspanking. When Kate tugs down her panties, she dutifully cries out, “That’s disgusting.” and “Oh, you fucking bitch,” and even calls her spectator father a “pervert,” all of which just increases the fun. Cousin Chloe watches anxiously–she must know what we surely know–she too is on the menu.

Charles suggests progress to other “implements.” Over a dressing table, strap on black pants pulled back up, face in the mirror. Actress Amber’s sexy face does well in the mirror when her bottom is being attended to. Pants down. She is sent to clean up.

Chloe is snared and taken OTK by Kate. Panties down. Charles watches salaciously as if it were a cooking demonstration. Excellent low camera angle.

There follows a series of Clarissa soaping nude in a tub, paying particular attention to her pink bottom. These girlie  scenes are found in this era, when we were still limited to peeks of frontal nudity. These tub shots (and Amber) put us in mind of early Jayne Mansfield. And why not, Kate comes in and whacks her wet bottom for some domestic infraction.

Same dynamics–Chloe cools her tush in the shower, not quite Sophie Fennington but we are on board. The cane will be next. Kate flourishes it for Chloe, who kneels on the bed and has her bath towel snatched form her. 15 strokes, glimpses of a full pubic patch, good cute nudie stuff of a girl being punished in her own bedroom. One low stroke makes her collapse for a moment. From nowhere, a third girl appears, ‘Sarah,’ a dark-eyed temptress we’ve seen give it up in other CalStar settings. She has arrived for “one of Kate’s little sessions,” which she claims: “I’ve never done anything like this before.” Handspanking. Charles’ eyes are popping. Panties down.

Sarah kneels on a chair for the leather paddle–Charles bubbles. Top off, skirt off, down to just garters and stockings for the martinet. Kate to Charles: “Do you approve, darling? Like you beat me?”

So this is a spanking ménage-a-trois of sorts. Sarah strips Kate down to the same nothings. Two nudes on the screen. Kate wants the paddle “harder, harder.” Kate canes Sarah over a clothing chest, 12 good ones. They switch–Kate takes her twelve. Sarah does the caning nude herself, full frontal, such scenes are uncommon in this era. The girls alternate caning sets of 6 to a total of 18. Then they paddle  each other, 12 each.

Charles is ready. To Sarah: “And now, darling, if you’ll excuse us, we’re going to retire to the bedroom.”

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