Spanked Lesbians – MOONGLOW

28 Oct

2M/2f; year: 1990’s; time: 51 minutes

Two ageplay guys and two girls; Uncle John, played by the experienced British CP  actor and producer ‘Ivor Gold, has charge of two girls with whom he is having plenty of trouble. He has called his friend ‘Peter’  to assist. Two dirty old men and two young girls–the stage is set. We found this film later on CAVERN.

The plot continuity puzzles and is not worth analysis. John stops off for a walk through a public park–why would he do that when there are bottoms to be tended to is unclear, when he double-takes an unconcerned girl sunbathing nude (of course on her stomach), the only purpose of this scene being to get another naked body into the film, and probably from an actress who wouldn’t agree to be spanked. Have we overdosed on CP films, or is that the actress ‘Alison Payne’ offered her posterior for this cameo?

The film cuts to the two girls during these expository scenes–they are playing naked Lesbian games, lots of pubic hair, and trying some spanking. John arrives and sends the girls to their rooms. They find his jeep keys, and are driving off when Peter, arriving to do his check-up, stops them and marches them inside.

“You’re going to be punished.” John starts on the first girl, a brunette, OTK, a lot of talk-talk, spanked on blue pants. When he tugs them down–“oh, sir.” What would the script show for that line in the year 2013? Peter spanks the other brunette. The men switch (party time!) –Peter uses a small hairbrush on the first brunette, then John uses it on her friend.

After the two developing bottoms are paired up for our inspection, John produces a huge tawse; one brunette kneels on a chair, knees wide, showing some vintage fur, but the tawsing is mild. Peter tawses his girl, some bruises show, but this is mild stuff. Time for the cane.

The girls are alternately caned by Peter and John, in several positions, about 20 strokes each, in sets of six or so, some counted aloud classic CP style. Peter is more severe than John. The girls flash frontal thatches from time to time. The girls are released, probably none the wiser.

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