Ed Lee Spanks Katie, Marlo, and Shirley – NUWEST

29 Oct

M/3f; year: 1993; Time: 36 minutes

Three girls in another Ed Lee clinic; we’ll watch the three spankings from several angles, and any time Katie has to drop her drawers, we are the winner.

Katie, the blond ever-ingénue, dominant or submissive, here wears jodhpurs and riding habit. Marlo, another blonde, wears a white miniskirt. And Shirley is a brunette in a tiny red skirt. The girls are spanked in sequence: first all three on their clothes, then on panties, and last on the bare. We watch the three-part sequence; first from the rear, then face-on the unhappy girls, and finally a left oblique of the set, bottom closest.

Katie is spanked hard on her slacks for about 1 minute;  when she returns she pulls her slacks down to show schoolgirl-like conservative blue panties for another hard minute; when we rotate to Katie again, she pulls her panties down herself. This is simply one of the sweetest bottoms in the genre, carried only in a way Katie can do it.

Marlo is spanked in the same way. Her panties are of the black lace-trimmed variety. Shirley wears skimpy red pants, somehow increasing your desire to see them come down. She flashes some pubic hair for the face camera. There is a fourth view, from overhead, of the bare-bottom segment only, during which we see the other girls cornered, pants at their knees,. NuWest tweaks every fantasy.

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