More of John and Heather – NUWEST FD-278

29 Oct

F/m; year: 2003; time: 29 minutes

Mother/son or aunt/nephew, female/male action. A film possibly made by others and released by NuWest. ‘Heather’ finds ‘John’ lolling about, doing cocaine. The lighting and the set of the film suggest someone’s apartment.

Heather drags John by the hair. The drugs are flushed. “Get your pants down, now.” She spanks him on his jockeys with a ruler and soon they are down. After a cornering, he gets a taste of the Spencer paddle before Heather goes to work with hopes of improvement by evening.

But the house is a mess, so ‘John’ gets spanked again, and we see he is excited by it.

There follow several female/male scenes, similar amateur staging, different actors.

A blonde in a nightie spanks ‘John’  then “Take my panties off….you know what to do.” She traps his penis between her legs and squeezes gently. “I want you to cum all the way…I’m not going to spank you until you do.” And he does.

A kitchen spanking, some toe sucking, and the cane at the mantelpiece.

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