Amy’s Aunties – NUWEST NWV-207

31 Oct

3F/f; year: 1993; time: 29 minutes

“Amy’  at Nuwest very early; a studious-looking. prim brunette gets her trim little bottom smacked by a series of ‘aunties,’ standing in for her mother, and trying to get her on the straight and narrow. There are sequels to this story.

Three straight-forward over-the-knee spanking sessions in this sparsely furnished big studio, filmed from all the important angles. Three ‘aunties,’ all intimidating spankers from the NuWest staff, scold Amy, take her OTK, panties come down, for crisp handspankings. The clothing and hairstyles change to reflect passage of time.

In the first segment, Amy wears a plaid school skirt, simple blouse, and knee socks. Satin panties last a moment.

In the second section, Amy has missed curfew. She must be getting used to this, because she lowers her panties without dispute.

Amy is a little more frisky in the last part. She wears boy shorts and blouse. “Take down your shorts and your panties.” Despite precautions, there are traces of pink on her bottom from the last filming.

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