Caught! By Aunt Julia – NUWEST

31 Oct

F/mf; year: 2002; time: 29 minutes Actress ‘Katie’ goes the full-monte;  the closest film we have seen from NU-WEST to a straight porno film. The film opens with a mature Julia Jameson spanking the bejesus out of the bare bottom of a “young man,” who has been fighting in school. Lots of “yes ma’am”  and “no ma’am,” which you would do if Julia were on your tail.

Actress Katie enters the house, wearing a little blue parochial pinafore. She is unfazed by the spanking underway before her, even the bare-bottom boy. Katie is Julia’s niece and will be put in charge of the boy while Julia shops. She has disciplinary authority and the guy probably knows this is going to be trouble. But in this film there will be rewards.

She decides to take him OTK to settle some other score, since she now has command. He has been housecleaning bare-butt since he was released by Julia. After some fun with him, she returns to dawdling, playing with herself. What the heck, she’ll have a go at caning him.

The boy pleads with Katie. “If I don’t cane you, will you do everything I  want without question?” Here, the film changes to straight adult sex. Katie pulls down his shorts and begins an educated blowjob. Partially erect, she lets him kiss her crotch, and we are ready to rock.

She kneels up a chair, presents her bottom to him–school pinafore rucked up for those of us into that little detail–“I think you know what to do if you don’t want to be caned….lick my asshole.” He is fully erect now and you see how he got the part. He fucks her doggie-style, then missionary position on the floor, Katies’s legs spread “V” wide, reaching for the sky. “Can’t you do it any harder…you’re begging for the cane,” she demands. He can do it harder. “Fuck the shit out of me…do it!”

A major portion of the film is taken up with the boy and Katie on the floor in front of a fire, he giving her an oral workout in a variety of positions.

Of course Aunt Julia catches them en flagrante and spanks them both just about as hard as it is possible to do, then they both stand in the corner, the boy naked and Katie in her school uniform, her panties off somewhere in the house.

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