Over the Barrel Parts 1 and 2 – NUWEST

31 Oct

2F/5f Serial spankings at NuWest, a format the studio has used from the beginning for a number of female prison/institutional/school stories–which allowed Ed Lee to punish a sequence of his stable of glamorous bottoms. The girls often have to sit or stand, to observe and await their turn.

In part 1, 3 or the five girls brought into the punishment room will be strapped. A lacquered wood beer barrel sits on a little platform in the center of the empty NuWest sound stage. ‘Debra’  and ‘Celia’  are in plausible prison guard uniforms. Five girls, in simple short shifts like long T-shirts, face the wall. This is ‘punishment day,’  another storyline found throughout NuWest, in school and institutional settings, where girls’ offenses are aggregated and settled in a weekly session.

Brunette ‘Amy’ is called from the wall first. “Remove your panties.” She quickly complies and guard Celia straps her in place. The barrel of course presents the bottom dramatically. Imperious captain Debra taunts and scolds and directs Celia to strap Amy in sets of ten until she is satisfied. Four sets of 10, Amy gasping through it. Back to the wall, panties down.

‘Vanna;  is next–young, thin, long hair, setting this film in the very early 1990’s. Vanna drops her own panties, calls Debra a “witch,’ and hurls obscenities. Celia complies when Debra directs, “10 more, a little harder.” 40 in all. Bottom to the wall. Always entertaining to subdue the frisky Vanna.

Brunette’Natalie’ is next; she also does her own knickers. Three sets of 10 from Celia, then Debra finishes her with her own sets. Debra scolds her and tells her she expects “one less bottom over this barrel next week.”  Three bare bottoms at the wall, two to go.

In Part 2, (18 minutes), tall short-haired blond ‘Kelli,’ a little older than the other girls, is snarky and amused by all this silliness. She drops her own panties and gets into position; it is not quite the guillotine, but the submissive resignation has a similar effect.

Three sets of 10 from Celia. Not much effect. “We can stay here all day,”  warns Debra. “I don’t care,” comes from the supine Kelli, so Debra takes over, much harder, for a dozen concluders.

‘Katie’ does the finale–surly and unimpressed, snaps back an adolescent  “….whatever…”  when Debra rattles off her offenses. Katie’s whipping is more dramatic, more posing–naked frontals, facials, different angles, overheads. She is the star of the five girls.

There has been sufficient snickering from the bare-bottom wall-girls that captain Debra is not satisfied. The girls sitck their bottoms out in the frisk position and Debra walks along the line, 10 more for each tush. Till next week, then.

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