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A Caning Shared – CALSTAR

27 Nov

M/2f; year: 2006; time: 1 hr 8 minutes

School districts use spanking consultants, this one on the wild side; two schoolgirls discuss corporal punishment. Brunette ‘Tiffany’ is awaiting the arrival of ‘Mr. Robinson,’  a traveling disciplinarian hired by the school district to call on and spank students on a weekly schedule who do not perform. Friend brunette ‘Amy’ is intrigued and thinking she might like to try a spanking too.

Robinson arrives–it’s the adult actor ‘Jack Uppitt’; his presence does not bode well for the girls. He can give the girls more than they bargained for, or ALL they bargain for, depending upon their boldness. Tiffany is scheduled to get 40  cane strokes today; Tiffany sheepishly offers up  Amy as an hors d’oeuvre, maybe 20 cane strokes for each of them?

Robinson: “Do you know it is going to be severe today?…are you ready?…I am quite eager.” We will soon see his eagerness can be measured physically, like with  a ruler. In Tiffany’s house (a CalStar set) she is started OTK, skirt up, pantyhose without panties. Robinson has had her here before. Loud, crisp spanking. “Get these [pantyhose] down…legs apart…you still have marks from last week.”

Amy shows Robinson her red panties while he spanks Tiffany. He nicks her vagina. “Ow,  sir.” “I’m not interested in that and you know it.” (This will turn out to be not so accurate) He takes Amy OTK at this point for her sampling. “Legs apart.” Panties down, camera zooms in on the lady’s jewels.

To Tiffany: “Get your skirt off.” He eyes her little Mohawk as he whales on Amy. Her introduction finished, he places their bottoms side-by-side. “Hand me a paddle…you decide which.” He paddles both girls and gets his fingers between Amy’s legs. “Keep still, girl.” Amy gets more paddle, Tiffany counts the strokes aloud, then Robinson plays with Amy’s breasts. Should be no doubt where this is all headed.

Tiffany suggests to Robinson that Amy give him a “really good  blowjob” if he lets them off the cane, but no dice. Tops off, both girls are naked, lovely sight. Tiffany gets the cane–10 slow strokes, welts ripen as we watch. Then 10 for Amy, adjust postures, 10 more. When Tiffany returns for her next set, Robinson checks between her legs. “You’re a little wet, aren’t you?” 10 more strokes.

That’s it for today, the spanking part, that is.  Next week the girls will get a huge dose, 50 strokes each. The girls are sent upstairs, naked but for high heels, to wait for Robinson. The girls settle down on the white CalStar couch and begin some lesbian play. Robinson arrives–he’s got his penis out and ready to go. Amy sucks him, then he enters Tiffany from the rear while he frigs Amy. The pornographic action scene continues, the emphasis on the two red bottoms. Robinson services both girls and is proud to say he is “65 years old.” He concludes with the classic facial ejaculation money shot on both girls. Good for you, Jack.

“See you both next week, at my place!”

Whipped Women #1 – NUWEST

27 Nov

M/4f; time: 30 minutes

Vintage NuWest; Lee’s lithe blondes whip each other while he samples single malt, in a striped polo and khakis which will help us date this film. Poor quality early filming;  a naked Joanne Jameson flogs another blonde up and down, both in knee boots and nothing else. Naked Joanne then sits in his lap and tastes his Scotch. We can’t see his hands.

After a break, Joanne continues whipping; Ed takes over and strokes very much harder.

The next whipping scene is staged in the bare studio. Two more naked girls are strung up and pawing the ground with their heels, one is model ‘Debra.’ Lee will whip them both, individually and together, back and forth, slashing in between, very colorful, in a long segment. The girls give it all up for us. How does the guy do it?

The final scene is filmed in intentionally poor light, because Ed is going to complete his day with a girl bent over the end of a bed. After he lashes her, he opens his pants, she kneels up, and he gives her a good fucking doggie-style. We don’t see much but we can imagine.

Spanking the Teacher – REDSTRIPE

27 Nov

M/f; time: 48 minutes

A teacher gets the wrong end of the stick she likes to use herself;  a plot we’ve seen at CalStar, Miss Marchmont, RedStripe, and most memorably with Amelia Jane Rutherford in ‘As Tears Go By’  at ShadowLane;  female teachers spank their students and avenging parents exact the same price from the teacher.

Blond teacher ‘Miss Armstrong’ will spank student ‘Helena Wagstaff.’ “Do you want to be expelled?….it will be corporal punishment.” “It’s illegal.” “I don’t will be bare bottom.” Wagstaff wrings her hands in anguish. “Yes, Miss, I consent.”

Bend-over, full panties down, spanking in flurries. A big leather paddle; “Please, Miss, no.” Very hard, good suffering, tears, then the cane. About 10 strokes with sharp taps in between; and some wild strokes too. “You will stand in the corner and you will take all your clothes off.” Miss Armstrong is quite interested in all this.

Helena’s father. ‘Derek Wagstaff,’ surprises Armstrong at her home. She objects to the intrusion and denies spanking Helena. But there were the marks. “You’re playing extremely dumb, Miss Armstrong.”

Derek looks around and sees her displayed implements on the mantel. “What’s this, your family coat of arms?” He knows she has been fired from four schools for spanking students and threatens the police and the school board.

“I am going to administer a dose of your own medicine.” First OTK, then “take your skirt off.” “It’s humiliating. I’m a grown woman.” Nothing like a flagrant spanker having to drop her pants in her own living room. She raises her hips to assist Derek getting her knickers down.

After facing him naked–he turned her to get the full view, there is a bend-over, then he wrestles her into the diaper position, the most embarrassing of all. She tries to cover up. Next, a bend-over, several paddles and straps, tears.

Armstrong is forced to admit she used the cane. “I don’t want the cane.” Tears and whimpering. Twelve strokes counted out. Derek adds twelve more. A final scolding and a bend-over for a marks-check. In some of these teacher-parent encounters, extra-curriculars can follow.

Italian Apples – NUWEST

26 Nov

M/f; time: 20 minutes

Enema and spanking, Italian style;  a film distributed by NuWest, not of their style, and not from their normal source;  a dark brunette takes off her skirt and kneels on a bed, shifting anxiously in anticipation–we will never see her face. A male, who wears a terrorist’s ski mask, prepares a red enema bottle. He tests the nozzle and hangs the bag on the wall hook.

He pulls the gusset of her panties out of the way, then pulls them down, slapping her bottom back into place as she instinctively tries to avoid him. “Ow, ow,” presumably in Italian, but universal. He lubes her anus  with her fingers, to wonderful little gasps from her.

In goes the nozzle, slowly and carefully, her moans and groans constitute possibly the most realistic enema we have seen, rivaling LUPUS.. He spanks her intermittently and wiggles the nozzle to increase capacity and depth, eliciting submissive responses each time. Closeups, huge abundance of hair.

He squeezes the fluid out of the hanging bottle to complete the process,  holding her still. She wants to get up. Nozzle jiggle-very sexy.

Out comes the nozzle, slowly enough, and she is allowed to scamper off to the bathroom. While she is away, the masked man searches the kitchen for implements suitable for the official spanking which is to come.

The girl goes OTK rather reluctantly. The spankings with spoon and spatula don’t shatter any records. Thong off. When she is urged into the diaper position, a full-length mirror adds to the fun. And further testimony of how little shaving was done in Europe when this film was made.

Sally’s First Lesson – CALSTAR

26 Nov

M/2f; time:58 minutes

About as vintage as we have found, a familiar actor from the ROUE/BLUSHES era, a perfect schoolmaster in many roles and a supreme tormentor of the helpless schoolgirl. The plot here is simply to find a way to the bare bottom of student ‘Sally Clarke’ and impress on her, so to speak, the continuing consideration of What Bottoms Are For. The spankings in this video were never intense, but the tension created by the combination of ageplay, and sensuous, refined, innocent-seeming eventually naked docile schoolgirls resigned  to their fate has rarely been surpassed in more recent years. ‘Room 2D’ is one of the acknowledged most admired in the class. We like ‘Half Term Punishments,’  not so much for the spankings as seen but for what they could have been in the full fantasy. In ‘Big Girls Do Cry,’ as ‘Uncle Albert,’ this actor dispenses with any illusion as to what these spankings are meant to lead to. One has to wonder how these sweet actresses were convinced to take the roles

Sally reports to detention. She walks fearfully up the stairs, hears the cries of another girl, a delectable little blonde, at this point half-dressed, dancing and squealing under the cane. Classic classroom furniture.

Sally knocks, enters, amd gets an eyeful of the proceedings underway before being sent off to wait her turn. These girls know what detention with this Master will entail. Soon the blonde is naked, in the full throes of her afternoon whipping, a little blond thatch confirming, and a shiny red bottom in contrast to her pale white body. Very erotic, especially when the half-masted panties are peeled off to leave just knee socks and maryjanes. She is caned on the palms, permitting us a leisurely frontal view, then sent nude to the next room with her clothes bundled to wait for more. “I’m not finished with you.” Lots of corridors, closing doors, and stairways enhance the anxiety in this group of videos.

Sally is called in, seated at the 19th Century school desk, her skirt is short enough that her panties touch the wood seat. She is berated and lectured while the Master flexes the cane. “I am going to introduce you to my methods of encouraging concentration.” Sally is a demure brunette in conservative school jacket and skirt. With her eyes, she tells us she knows what probably is in store for her. Her first instruction involves responding to all directions by, each time, jumping to her feet, saying “sir,” and pulling down her knickers.

Most of the video is given over to her being questioned, bent over the desk, pants down, for handspanking or the cane. She fails in her testing and matters escalate with exquisite slowness, so it becomes apparent that the Master is tormenting Sally mostly just because he can. Her fondles her bottom at every opportunity. She must face him, skirt up and pants down, when he lectures. He has his undisputed privileges.

Toward the end, when the caning has begun in earnest, skirt off–sweater/jacket off, the camera holds full-screen on her theatrical bottom for at least four minutes, a magnificent sight. “No more. I can’t take any more, sir.” She dresses, but the Master needs one more bare bottom check.

The Master steps into the next room, where the naked little blonde waits, cowering. The door closes, and she squeals as her caning continues. We suppose he can whip the afternoon’s girls to his satisfaction. Plenty of busses out there.

Tessara Spanks Jennifer Brooks 1993 – NUWEST NWV-197

22 Nov

Time: 37 minutes

Two famous Dominatrix’  mix it up early in their careers; a seven minute over-the-knee spanking is repeated six times. Tall brunette Tessara, delightfully severe and firm in all her spanking films, spanks curly blonde Jennifer Brooks, who looks here like a blowsy Jennifer Lang. She wears tight jeans, white heels, and a white top and makes a lapful. Her glamorous face is caught at every opportunity.

After the first spanking, she stands to drop her jeans, the only way of getting the tight things down. Black panties. Our Ms. Brooks always kicks during her spankings. She stands to drop her pants for the final bare-bottom segment.

The scene is repeated from facial, several oblique, and closeup rear views. A lot of camera in the room for an Ed Lee production.

Jennifer’s Punishments Vol 2 – REALSPANKINGS

22 Nov

Year: 2002; time: 1 hr 23 minutes

Brave spanking model ‘Jennifer’ again at ‘Realspankings Institute’; four more long sessions of no-frills, crackling spankings.

I-Short-haired blonde Jennifer is brought into (webmaster) Michael Masterson’s office; she has a paper with her offenses listed; as in all these episodes, she has no illusions about her fate. She was strapped on the last visit. Masterson will try the paddle this time.

Jennifer positions herself along a masking tape line on the rug; she gets a dozen with a big paddle on her jeans; after a rest, she assumes the ‘lunge’ or ‘bridge’  position–Masterson makes her reach further out with her hands than she wants to go, for another round of paddling.

She kept her jeans on here, but pulls them down for us so she can see what damage was done.

II-In the second segment, Mistress ‘Dee’ brings Jennifer to Masterson. The girl has been spanked many times since she has come to the Institute, nothing works. “She is really tough. CP doesn’t work.” This is not something Masterson can believe. Maybe the wrong tools?

She must raise her skirt and drop her panties while he gets a tool he thinks will work. He sends Dee off. She shouldn’t see what is going to happen. Jennifer kneels into an easy chair for the RSI large floppy strap. Her gasps are muffled in the chair.

Masterson takes her OTK for one of the most concentrated lap spankings we can ever recall. He uses a small thick spot-paddle shaped like a hair brush. Very rapidly he cracks both buttocks, the flanks, thighs, high on the cheeks, low, everywhere, creating white marks which turn to a consistent rosy glow. Harder and harder, causing Jennifer to begin a rolling struggle with the pain.

Even after this, Masterson shifts to a larger paddle. Jennifer sounds defeated. When Dee returns, she is surprised and amazed at what Masterson has done and how transformed Jennifer has become. “She won’t sit down for a week.”

III-In the third episode, Jennifer has again been brought to Masterson by Dee, caught cheating twice in tests. Masterson selects a paddle off his wall collection. She goes over the desk. He starts on her school skirt, skirt up, panties down; another, thicker paddle.

Camera angles of her bottom and her face, edited together nicely to avoid the suggestion of repeats. Round bruises, she sings out the last six, then walks off with a very strained, red face. Dee inspected the results and approves.

IV-The fourth session is almost 40 minutes long and really tests the actress’s capabilities. Dee brings Jennifer to Masterson again; some of the time here is taken in anxious anticipation. While Jennifer sits, Dee retrieves maybe 15 spanking implements and displays them in front of her.

Masterson arrives; the first spanking comes with a floppy Spencer strap on her jeans; next is a doubled razor strop, very fast; then a larger doubled strap, 10 or 15 with each of these. A dozen with a tawse, then Masterson has her drop her jeans for a check. This is such a severe and lengthy spanking, care must be taken.

The Spencer strap again, at least 30 absolutely slashed on her jeans. Virtually no sound from this tough girl. Masterson has her stand in the corner, legs as far apart as she can manage, hands-on-head, very uncomfortable. Very good humiliation and not much of a rest period.

Masterson has her strip to bra and panties, a lot of tattoos. OTK for a short, two-tongued snappy strap, which she doesn’t like at all, kicking white socked feet. A wood tool, like a large kitchen stirrer, gets the biggest reaction so far.

Kneel sideways on a chair, hands on the floor, head low, bottom high, nasty exposure–the tawse, panties bunched, the double-strap, the big Spencer strap, major bruises begin to be a factor.

Jennifer stands, legs spread 3′ wide, for a huge wood Spencer paddle, very hard. Kneel in the corner, this time, elbows rest on the wall, feet off the ground, weight on her kneecaps. Ouch.

Finally, all clothes off–bra, panties, socks. Legs spread facing us, hands-on-head, modesty gone for good. Over a bar stool on a pillow, head up so we can see her face, a doubled-strap, the little wood spot-paddle used rapid fire on the same spot, the kitchen stirrer. She is hollering by now. The hairbrush, the bristle side, makes her jump. 10 with the nasty Spencer paddle.

She has had enough and probably won’t be filming for a while.


22 Nov

M/2f; year: 2000; time: 50 minutes

Naughty, high-quality production; another ‘caning competition’ theme, where girls must pit their pain thresholds against their pride to win a contest. One of our favorite disciplinarians, the hard-working  ‘Michael Dawes,’ performs here. He is a gentleman farmer who employs dainty lady farmhands. It seems his village is about to have its annual female bare-bottom caning competition at its festival and he is going to induce his two girls to perform.

The girls, redhead ‘Vanessa’ and brunette ‘Lindsay,’ are seen mucking barn stalls (complete with squawking chickens on the soundtrack), goofing off, and discussing better, higher-paying jobs. Michael arrives, is displeased with their sloth, but manages to negotiate their participation in the competition caning for higher wages and bonuses–50 pds if they win.

But we will need a “dry run” to see if they can take the punishment. Clean up and report to the library, if you please.

In the library–it looks like a real one, not a cobbled-together jumble. Michael shows the girls his implements, as he always does in his films, part of his humiliation process. Vanessa must bend over first, for a warmup paddling on jodphurs, with a small leather flexible tear-drop shaped paddle we’ve seen sting many a bottom. “Will it hurt?” “A little bit. in fact, a lot.”

Michael is determined to get his money’s worth, which he always achieves. “Pull your jodphurs down.” Red thong, nice pinkened cheeks. Michael keeps up his verbal teasing, his style. The girls are now horrified when they hear they must bare their bottoms up on a stage before the crowd at the fair. Michael: “It hurts more that way.”

Lindsay is paddled next and must remove her jeans first, showing black panties. “Let’s see what you can take.” Then she lowers her panties for the first caning. Michael lays on about 10 snappy strokes. Vanessa is called forth for about 10 strokes, having lowered her irrelevant red thong. Lindsay faces us as she watches, proud of her trim little Mohawk, which she will flash on parade for us at every opportunity.

The girls now switch places as commanded for sets of strokes. They check the camera now and then. Michael fondles and marvels at the developing welts. Sets of roughly 15, 25, and 25 follow. Probably some repeats, but the filming is more seamless in this year 2000, and who cares, anyway? At one point Vanessa says, “This competition’s obscene. Who thought it up?” Sexy little gasps from the stoic girls, lovely unhappy faces. A marvelous exercise. Michael is proud of his potential champions. Vanessa shields her modesty as best she can.

Both girls are positioned side-by-side, bottoms on parade. Michael sums it up: “A delightful sight.” He then canes both of them in alternate sets, about 30 more each, the last half-dozen really of Rigid East quality. “We could go on like this all day, couldn’t we?” “Oh, no, no.”

The girls are finished. They painfully dress. We presume they’re going to have some time off before they climb the stairs of the festival stage. Is there a fund somewhere to develop the obvious sequel to this story?

Jennifer’s Punishments Vol 1 – REALSPANKINGS

21 Nov

year: 2001; time: 58 minutes

Four rough sessions for RealSpankings model ‘Jennifer’; RSI tells us 18 year old ‘Jennifer’ came to them for a sort of soul cleansing. Each session gets a little more severe, the suggestion being that whatever message Jennifer wanted to absorb, it didn’t work, and the spankings need to be dialed up.

The settings are crudely furnished rooms or offices, a bit like NuWest’s décor mentality in its early days. RSI  got increasingly ambitious with sets and plots, but even in these primitive days the spankings were spirited and impressive.

Scruffy teenaged Jennifer took money from her mother’s purse and volunteers for penance. Mistress Dee spanks her at RSI in this first scenario. OTK, Dee begins on white panties. Then Jennifer strips naked, but slightly off-camera, probably not intended. OTK naked, then over a bench for paddle and strap.

In this segment, and in fact throughout both volumes of ‘Jennifer’s Punishments.’ the short-haired diminutive blonde is mostly silent and stoic. One particular paddle, we will point out, does elicit some verbal response.

After a bottom-in-the-corner , Dee returns with a large rectangular floppy paddle, with a stiffening rod, which has drawn some cries from other models. Jennifer gets a session at the bench.

On her little single bed, she lies on her stomach on a pillow under her hips, naked, for a handspanking, the floppy paddle, and 10 counted hairbrush strokes. Hands-on-head to the corner. These are not the sessions where an actress could go to lunch and return to make another film.

In the second story, Jennifer’s offense is too serious for her to report on-camera. Webmaster Michael Masterson will therefore raise the ante. OTK,  she bares her own bottom for the warmup.

Cut to a new scene–she is already naked. Masterson uses a belt, a big paddle, and his Spencer paddle. Her gets her bottom thoroughly red, with those telltale white scuff marks before they turn colors.

The third meeting is intended to be as severe as possible. Jennifer bares her bottom for Masterson, who spanks her OTK with a collection of implements on display, a small floppy paddle, a kitchen stirrer, the aggressive wood spot-paddle, and a small round Spencer paddle. He uses the small hard wood big lolly-pop like spot paddle repeatedly, virtually pounding on the same spot, until Jennifer’s cry begins to rise, then he moves to the next spot, moving quickly around her bottom, until he achieves a deep red glow and rising moans.

He concludes this session with a long paddle, with Jennifer standing, hands-on-chair. Masterson likes the buttocks crease the cheek and the thigh.

In the fourth session, there will be no warmup. Jennifer is naked at the start, in front of the faux fireplace which will be part of the RSI scene. A strap, a paddle; on hands and knees for a crop; at a chair for a yardstick and the floppy paddle. Jennifer is bruised and mottled by now, but a rapid session with that little spot-paddle, drilled down on one area at a time, pushes her as close to a break as we saw on either film.

Dana Does Discipline – NUWEST

21 Nov

F/m; time: 27 minutes

Powerful intimidating Dana Specht confronts her nephew ‘Jonathan,’ who is talking trash on the phone with a friend about girls. This looks like one of those houses where you can get spanked for anything. “Please don’t tell my mother.” He has a decision–be sent home or get spanked.

The set is a simple living space, then Jonathan’s bedroom. He goes to his bedroom and strips to jockey shorts, having done this before, it would appear. Dana enters, takes him OTK and quickly disposes of his shorts [airplane flies over]. A short spanking.

Later, Dana finds he has trashed his room. He gets the paddle that evening, on the bare of course.

And last, he has borrowed her car. This time he gets the hairbrush, flashes his jewels for us. Dana wears a diaphanous nightgown, getting her kicks. We did wonder througahout–how did anyone keep a straight face during this acting?