The Initiation – CALSTAR

1 Nov

2F/2f; year: 1996; time: 56 minutes

Spanking outdoors; two girls, ‘Sally’ and ‘Chloe.’ seek acceptance to a ‘fraternity,’  and must face some initiation. If it were truly a fraternity, you’d think something in addition to spankings would be required of them, but we’ll go with it. The eager girls, “Oh, we’ll try anything.” ‘Kate,’ a tall, exotic, official looking “fraternity”/sorority sister: “You’re gong to get over our laps for a hard spanking–that’s the first step.” There will be eight steps.

A second sister takes Sally OTK. Sally is a tall, darkish blonde, wearing cut-off jean shorts, and white cowgirl boots you’d find at a garage sale in this day and age. Some squealing and giggling. Sally stands to drop her shorts, the only way they would ever come off–cut black lace panties, and a solid full bottom. Chloe is spanked next, skirt up, conventional white panties. Matters advance with Chloe: “Bottoms up, good.” Panties down. “Oh, no…I didn’t know we’d have to take our clothes off.” Both Sally and Chloe are big showgirl-types. We hope their clothes do come off.

Sally is returned OTK, her pants tugged down erotically. From the spanking Sister: “Are you enjoying this as much as I am?” Kate is watching with a lascivious look.

Both girls are directed to strip completely and are given a careful examination, front and back. “Take your knickers off completely…to compare marks.” Their bottoms are admired. “Everything off…we’re going to compare your tits now.” Kate fancies Sally’s modest pair while the spanking Sister likes Chloe’s D-cups.

“You’ve come to stage 4…Chloe, you’re going to receive 20 lashes.” “Lashes?” Stern-looking sophsticated Kate flashes a studded paddle and a large martinet. These Sisters mean business. Chloe, a buxom blonde with a big athletic bottom, bends over and fills the screen, takes a paddle from the Sister and more from gleeful Kate. Showing the paddle, Kate say, “We call this ‘the big black one.'”

Sally, also naked and runway-glamorous, goes over the back of a chair for 30 martinet strokes, the last 10 of which she counts backwards breathlessly. Oblique views highlight her powerful thighs.

Humiliation is part of the initiation, and this not-so-subtitle Lesbian play. “You’re going to look really stupid.” There follows Step #6, an outdoor scene where the girls crawl around naked on a lawn in a fenced-in yard, urged along with riding crops. The huge potential is lost; it is not well-filmed–the camera does not exploit the pony-girl possibilities. A black dog watches and seems used to naked girls on his lawn (who had better be careful where they crawl). The girls must bark like dogs and “fetch”  the crop.

“Back inside” for the cane, the next Stage, “Oh, no, my God.” Chloe’s big bottom is given a taste of two canes, she chooses one (you won’t see this decision described anywhere as an illustration of Hobson’s Choice), and counts out 12 strokes. Both spankers enjoy a thorough caress of her bottom. Kate has done the caning; there are rubbing breaks; the second sister can’t resist licking and kissing Chloe’s bottom. Sally is “shocked” and forced to rub Chloe. “There are bumps on your bottom.”

She goes over for her caning but takes only 5 strokes. She is so tall she has to bend her knees so her bottom is in the correct position over the back of a chair. She jumps at wooshes and the sister torments her with “Did that hurt?”

And the final playful humiliation, the girls are sent scurrying stark naked across the school grounds to a nearby convenience store for some shopping. So we see ourselves buying a lottery ticket at a little shop off-campus, when…..

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