Chelsea is Punished – NU-WEST NWV-187

4 Nov

2M/f; year: 1992;

Vintage from NU-WEST; Ed Lee narrates from his office set, the actual office NW probably used in those days, we think–‘Chelsea’  is going to be punished in lieu of being fired, for messing up a LEDA filming, a domme-actress doing a poor job with the whip.

Chelsea arrives–a tall ponytailed brunette, conventionally dressed, not looking like someone who wields a whip in a film. Lee explains that this will be “kind of a change of pace,” because Chelsea is normally the domme and not on the receiving end. They go back into the studio, accompanied by a male assistant, ‘Tom’ the maintenance man, turning on set lights. Chelsea takes off her jacket to show a tight black dress and a whole lot of body to be dealt with.

Ed brandishes a doubled belt. “You’re scaring me,” she worries. She bends over–Lee points out her confusion. “This is the back and this is the ass.” He begins snapping her bottom over her dress. The dress comes up, pantyhose down, panties bunched. The marks accrue.

OTK,  the film atmosphere is informal, to depict an internal company session, rather than a film production. Lee speaks to Joanne behind the camera, the lighting is harsh, and there is movement on the set. “I am going to finish you off with a fast 25.”

Lee relinquishes his seat to “Tom,” and he looks like the proverbial kid in a candy store with Chelsea’s mottled bare bottom filling his lap. You’d think Chelsea would not like her goods being shared like this, but she laughs.

Tom is winded after a long spanking, with Lee hovering and supervising.

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