Jodi’s Climactic Whippings – NUWEST

5 Nov

M/f; year: 1998; time: 25 minutes

Another whipping, another climax; blond ‘Jodi Cline’s’  turn . “Well, we’ve got little Jodi in the cage here.”  the wired-in enclosure in the tiled sound stage where Ed Lee does this sort of thing. He is in his blue bathrobe, has his whip, and has poured his Scotch.

He escorts Jodi out of the enclosure. She strips naked–little white dress, no bra, and panties off. Just white heels. He helps her to step up on the shadowbox pussy-CAM and fastens her wrists to the overhead spreader bar.

He explains, as he likes to do, while his nude victim must listen, that this will be a two-part session, “pain and pleasure.”

He begins the whipping, Jodi hardly flinches. Whipping then frigging, alternate scenes. The camera in the box on the floor does its job. At the 24 minute mark, she is getting close, so Lee leads her over the edge for us.

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