Room Service – CALSTAR

5 Nov

M/f; time: 36 minutes

Vintage classic, a must if you are a connoisseur of the British bottom; we stumbled on this before we knew too much about Britain’s first CP queen, Sophie Fennington. It is likely a SfP film, possibly made with her husband at the time, who knew a good thing when he saw it. Sophie plays a schoolgirl who has slipped away from St. Lukes’  Girls School and checked into the seaside resort Grand Empress Hotel for some partying on someone’s credit card other than her own, a little caper you will see in the news even today. She is young and cute enough in her school blazer and short skirt to pull this off.

She is cheeky on the phone demanding room service, which attracts the attention of the hotel manager (Sophie’s real-life husband, who has caned her bottom to resounding success in several videos). It seems Sophie’s father, Colonel Fuzzy Fennington, is a club-mate of this hotel manager, Mr. Mannerling, who spots his leverage with this waif morsel (“Shouldn’t you be in school?”)–Sophie will either take a spanking for her truancy and under-age drinking in her hotel room or be reported to her father and her school. She sweetly sucks on one of her pigtails and concludes at the same time we do that a spanking here and now is preferable to two spankings later.

Mannerling explains he spanks his wife and his hotel staff and gets results. “You’re a pervert.”  says Sophie. He wrestles her across his lap, but he needs a better position. She is ordered to clear the coffee table, bends over it and hikes up her cute uniform skirt to show black panties, garter belt, and hose. Clearly not school regulation, Mannerling observes. He begins a wild handspanking, after fully 13  minutes into the video. She must chuckle at his flailing awkwardness; he notes her amusement. She kneels on the table for more spanking. He goes to get his cane.

He returns; she leans over another table, contemptuously raises her skirt, face to a mirror, and a rather extraordinary caning begins. She takes full 30 strokes on her black panties, without much reaction. When she does gasp, Mannerng: “A little whimper. I’m impressed.” The knickers come down at 30–Mannerling wants to see what he has accomplished and so do we. He lays on another 15 or so on the bare; a closeup does show lots of welts and wheals. Sophie has reinforced her reputation as the CP  queen.

A memorable caning it was. She is sent to get on her pajamas and returns in cute little long-sleeve pj’s which emphasize both her sweet youth and her naughtiness. Mannerling does what we want to do–he goes for the waistband and pulls down the pants. She must stand, cornered, bare bottom, hands-on-head, for 45 minutes. Top flight.

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