Welfare Cheats – CALSTAR

5 Nov

M/2f; year: 2000; time: 52 minutes

Welfare inspectors spank their clients; a fruitful theme, the code enforcers punish girls who are caught working while claiming unemployment. Of course the girls can’t repay their fraudulent benefits, so the enforcer suggests an alternate way to resolve the debt.

The first lady, a frizzy blonde, was caught working in a pub. The inspector, a familiar old-guy CALSTAR veteran, wishes he could “go back to the day where we could spank and punish people…we’ll come to some agreement, we have a lot of power.” The blonde comprehends the oblique references and accepts a spanking. He follows her into an adjoining office, carrying a paddle and a cane.

Taking her leather jacket, he starts her OTK, handspanking on slacks. Slacks down, red silk panties tight over an exciting shapely bottom. A slow sensual spanking. “It’s time we had your knickers down. Lift up.” She helps–very nice. “I wish all my dossiers had a pretty little bottom ljke you.” She IS top-drawer, even by CALSTAR standards. “Stand up and take your clothes off.” Nice manicured Mohawk, red bra, tight little body.

She bends over a chair, hands on its seat, legs wide open, a hot loud paddling follows. Bra off,  natural breasts on display, Soft gentle “ow’s” from he blonde as the inspector admires her bottom. He gets her legs 18″ apart and circles with the paddle, slapping at any spot he fancies.

Next, an inventive pose rarely seen in GB, more American– the blonde straddles the straight chair cowgirl style, which insures continuous open legs, fully revealing her and capturing this sexy bottom.

The floppy stinging leather paddle is employed. Over the chair seat again. “Arch your back!” CALSTAR plumbs the humiliation aspect of this naked girl in an office setting under the control of a fully clothed inspector. And finally, the blonde squats over the chair again for her session with the cane–“20 or so strokes” are filmed as twenty-five. Welts, sniffles, tears, begging. “Is this the last one?” The humiliation aspect of her punishment is enhanced when we watch her dress.

Our inspector has another appointment today. A buxom blonde admits to having another job. The alternative is explained. Spanking  “,,,,on your bare bottom…your bottom will be marked…” into an adjoining office. “Pull down your jeans.”Handspanking OTK; purple panties. Her bared chunky body does mark up quickly. Over the chair for the two paddles, the blonde remains quiet. The final cane sequence, a long one: 30 strokes we counted, welts at about 10, and  about 25 she is not so quiet, Another girl has been counseled, dresses, and leaves. Government in action.

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