In-House Punishments #1 – NUWEST

8 Nov

M/f; F/f; year: 1991; time:  27 minutes

Behind-the-scenes discipline at NUWEST; Ed Lee made a number of these films; where the storyline features the NUWEST cast actresses being spanked for company disciplinary issues. It is as good enough pretense as any  to attract our interest. We get to see the dressing rooms, soundstages,   work rooms, patio, barn, and in some films, a toilet.

The opening graphic is of actress ‘Katie,’ red lips in tight closeup. “And now, NUWEST In-House Punishments Tape One.” A young, curly haired Lee narrates the first segment. The actress ‘Joanne,’ AKA ‘Jamie,’ or ‘Kimberly,’ is going to be spanked for a number of infractions. Lee calls her on a speaker phone. She knows she has been bad and quickly agrees to meet at the studio for a spanking session.

Ed and a very young teenage-like Joanne, not yet the intimidating Jameson domme she will become, walks to an empty soundstage. The trailing cameraperson is another NUWEST  girl. Joanne settles OTK without any hesitation, wearing a blue top and a long white skirt. Lee spanks hard, she tolerates. He raises the skirt–tight medium full semi-transparent panties on that glorious bottom. Panties down, routine but stimulating.

He leads her by the hand, panties down, to another set, flicking lights on and off. It is the plain queen-size bed set. Joanne lies face down for 50 from the tawse; when she forgets the count, laughter on the set. Lee rearranges pillows under her hips for the last 25.

In the second segment, ‘Julia’ (Jameson) wants to spank ‘Vanna’ for trashing her apartment.  Lee arranges such a session and promises to pay Vanna for the filming. “But she spanks hard.”

Into the studio through work spaces, Julia spanks a very young and unaffected Vanna, who seems quite upset at Julia’s tenacity and the loss of her panties. At the conclusion, she huddles on the floor, laughing and crying nervously.

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