Late Night Maid – CALSTAR

8 Nov

. F/f; year: 1997; time: 25 minutes

A blond Domme and a cute maid; the Domme hires a cute little brunette to work around her home; the brunette bustles about in a skimpy little French maid’s outfit. The blonde scolds her–silly outfit, sloppy work, no food prepared, etc. The little brunette is contrite. She has misunderstood the scope of her duties. “I’ll do anything you say.” That’s a good girl!

The Domme makes her bend over and spread across the kitchen island; the tiny skirt is raised to reveal just a thong and lovely bottom. The Domme starts with a silly handspanking, but we suspect this maid is in for an eventful evening. The Domme is threatening to report this little morsel back to her agency. The little dear is made to lie on her stomach on the countertop. The camera gains a nice overhead shot as the thong is removed. The Domme turns the girl over and is delighted to discover she is completely shaved. She softly encourages the maid to pull off her dress, then announces “It’s time for a serious beating.”

The maid climbs down and does an absolutely ballet-like bend-over for the official CalStar leather stiffened Ping-Pong shaped paddle. It stings. Our pretty spanker steps away to get her cane; which she flashes in front of the poor maid. There follow about 10 stinging strokes, not vicious, but loud and sexy, with the naked maid twisting and gasping in fine style. The blonde fondles her handiwork between strokes. At the conclusion, the two cuddle and walk off together.


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