Paula’s Punishment – MOONGLOW

8 Nov

M/f; time: 15 minutes

Glorious jewel from actress ‘Alison Payne’: we found this short film tacked on to another film we acquired from MOONGLOW. It is in fact listed in Ms. Payne’s filmography.

‘Paula’  begs ‘Andy,’ a guardian or adult sitter of some kind, to be allowed to have the car and stay out late. In a quick scene change, she has missed the agreed curfew. Andy can hardly disguise his delight. “I told you there would be trouble.” Alison’s contempt is playfully shallow.

“You take a dose of this [small paddle] and I won’t tell your mum.” Alison has long chestnut hair and wears a short striped jersey dress, a style of costume which she preferred and which accentuated her hips. Andy takes her OTK. Hem up, white panties. “Please don’t hairt me.” [Irish brogue approximate]. He handspanks; her pale buttocks quickly pink; he bunches the knickers.

“These are coming off.” We’ve said we never tire of this moment with Ms. Payne. She wriggles and banters, as always.

“Stand up, take your knickers down, right off, pull your dress up.” This is an opportunity for a leisurely frontal view, her wispy fuzz more sparse here. She loves to flash.

Andy sends her to get her nightie on. When she returns she sees the cane. “I thought I  was getting the strap, not the cane.” From her, we can listen to these innocent lines forever. She pulls her white silk nightie through her legs to present a tightly outlined bottom, 6 on the cloth, then at least 12 more on the bare, both Andy and Alison getting the count confused, benefit to us.

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