Time For Punishment – CALSTAR

11 Nov

MF/2f; year: 2009; time: 54 minutes

Two girls play cards with a French porn deck, in CalStar’s studio–the tear-stained white couch, the same pillows we have seen for years, having supported many bottoms, the silly glass cocktail table long ready for a garage sale, and even the soft leather oval paddle we can see, its stitches surely rotting. This film must have been pulled from archives, not the 2009 credited.

The two girls play cards at 2 AM; they are as amused by the images on the cards as their face value. The are caught by the mother of one of them–the mother is played by actress Dublin O’Brien, heftier and with an  enhanced figure, buxom in green satin St. Patrick’s barmaid party dress, compared to ingénue body seen in the 1990’s, when her memorable bottom would be on the receiving end.

The guy on this 2 AM  scene wears a white shirt and tie and seems to be Dublin’s husband, acting out the ageplay thing, with a nubile Dublin in her naughty short dress and apparently a step-daughter who is about to lose her pants.

Th girls are going to be spanked–time for punishment. First will be daughter Emma. The guy does the work, Dublin holds Emma still–skirt up, white panties. The Domme-like Dublin is the controller here. To  her husband: “You can pull her panties down.” The hesitant guy, when he gets this green light: “You’re sure about this?” Friend Brandy, watches, hands on head.

The husband is a lousy spanker–Dublin takes Emma OTK. The husband: “You’re lucky you mother is doing it, not me.” The girls found those French playing cards in mom’s drawer. Dublin puns: “You think it’s funny going into my drawers?”

Brunette Brandy is next, OTK with the husband, bright red panties. “Please, not on my bare bottom.” Down they come. (Saying those words is never recommended.)

Dublin has Emma OTK again. “If you think this is hurting, wait until you see what’s next.” Dublin: “Time to up the tempo.” Emma gets the same oval paddle. The husband paddles her over the hassock–Dublin argues with him in her rapid ad-lib Irish brogue–first he is not spanking hard enough, then he is enjoying himself too much. The husband retorts with what we are all thinking. “Maybe I should have done this to you a few times when you went astray.” NOW WOULD BE A GOOD TIME!

Brandy over the hassock–her young ladyship on display when her red pants come down.

The husband spanks Emma again, minutely checking her bottom for heat as if he was checking a roast in the oven. He and Dublin argue again about his sleazy intentions. “Kiss my ass,” she barks. We would line up for that!

More paddling for both girls by both parents before the cane appears, woosh-woosh by Dublin. Husband to Emma: “I’m going to deal with her friend first.” Brandy takes a full 20 strokes, moderate, all quiet, soft gasps, nice angles, some repeats. Emma is next. “Bend!” Almost 30 strokes shown, getting more intense at the end. Brandy stands off to the side–“Pull your skirt up so we can see the marks on your bottom.”

In an accidental touch we loved–there is a shot of both pairs of panties, orphaned and discarded on the floor. Dublin wants more of Emma and lays on another six, much harder, and with a wristy precision worthy of some of our favorite Dommes.

The girls are sent off for a sleep-over. Dublin and the guy have a drink. If we were him, Dublin would have one hell of a bedtime.

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