Disciplining Grandpa – NU-WEST

12 Nov

F/m; time: 13 minutes

Actress ‘Katie’ in her ‘Rachael Ward’ character, in perhaps the most bizarre NuWest we have seen. We’ll have to keep checking on this and update this note.

The scene is the deck/cabana, probably part of Ed Lee’s house. Katie has an ‘old man’ in her grasp. The only rationale we can imagine is that this guy contacted Lee and said he would like to done by that little blond model.

Katie strips the guy naked. Fortunately, the tape is only 13 minutes long. She wears a tight black skirt and blouse. She leads the naked man by the hand and ties him over a bar stool. His balls hang down, and his bottom is already a bit marked. How? [airplane flies over]

“Stay still. Get  your heine out,” In almost every film we’ve seen with Katie, despite her huge aggregation of the most adventurous pornographic activities, she still can come up with  small-town phraseology. She begins a mild caning, gradually increasing the intensity, stopping to play with those genitals hanging there. He gasps. “Keep that heine up there.”

Katie pauses for a beer at the bar, the kind of punishment delay typical of NW, but there is a special reason here.

“I want you to drink as much as you can or you’ll get another switching.” Cut to a scene change. Katie drops her panties and sits on a pedestal toilet seat placed over the guy’s face, lying on his back on the deck. She gives him a golden shower, then he raises his head to reach for and lick her pussy.

Postscript: We wrote the review of this non-prototype and surprising NU-WEST film 7 years ago. We were recently contacted by a reader who purports to be the male actor. His courteous remarks reaffirm our theory that he was the inspiration for this enterprise.

3 Responses to “Disciplining Grandpa – NU-WEST”

  1. Mark February 13, 2020 at 12:09 am #

    That was me, the ‘old man’ bending over the stool, and the small town phraseology, “hiney” was *MY* idea. I wish she had used a proper cane or the paddle because she didn’t hurt much. Katie was lots of fun; she had a big hiney!

  2. Mark April 17, 2020 at 2:14 am #

    Yes, that was me alright. I did another one for Ed Lee not long before this one. It was called “There Will Be Blood”, but NuWest stopped advertising it. Could it be for copyright infringement of the title? Anyway, it was Jodi Cline (run and cane) and Vanna with the Spencer paddle. Now Vanna hurt! Twenty-five swats as hard as she could, and I was tied over the box. I asked them both to use the word, “hiney”, too. I wanted Ed to call it “Hiney Up” – but he didn’t use it. This one was done in the Riverside, CA area the day after President Obama was elected for the first time – November, 2008. Lots of fun. I first saw NuWest films in the late 1970s back east where I grew up. Being in his films was a dream come true, but I have no desire to repeat them!

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