The Ultimate Spanking Video – REALSPANKING

12 Nov

M/f; time: 25 minutes

An early distribution from REALSPANKING; British performers, a familiar male ponytailed dominant and a pretty female blonde submissive. The scene is a B&D chamber, equipped with all the apparati one would expect–chains, straps, an X-frame cross, restraining tables, and devices, hanging all about.

There are no preliminaries and no dialogue. Whatever offense the pretty blonde has committed, the trial is over and it is time for the punishment. She is yanked OTK. She is wearing a black bra/panty-thing/garter set and high heels. Leather collar, wrist and ankle cuffs, are already in place and will be used. The Dom fastens her wrists to her ankles while she is OTK, locking and pinning her into position over his lap. She can squirm all she wants. Very effective and erotic for both parties.

He proceeds to handspank her just about as hard as it is possible to do. Almost immediately he nicks her right buttock with his ring, producing two blood flecks. She is taking such a resounding spanking that she surely couldn’t detect these little cuts. Her bottom is high and centered, and her head almost touches the floor.

After five minutes of this, she slides off his lap onto the floor in a moaning heap, balled up, wrists and ankles still hooked. The Dom adjusts her restraints, maneuvers her onto her stomach, forces her knees apart, and positively whales her bottom with a big frying-pan sized leather paddle, in a powerful segment of the video. Back OTK for more with the paddle and the hand, more or less full force.

The guy drags the blonde over to a B&D table, which has all sorts of appendages and attachments designed for many creative and naughty goings-on. She is tied down and the whaling continues with hand, paddle, strap, crop, and cane–fast and unrelenting. She squawks but takes the medicine, not being in a position to argue. Whatever she has done, she is accepting its consequences. The crop reopens the little cuts his ring has created. He concludes by removing his thick leather belt and laying on a series of memorable swipes. She is released and tentatively stands, stiff and sore. They walk off-stage together, we hope to greater rewards. A very rousing combination of B&D and CP.

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