Discipline in Russia #14 -Tattoo – NETTLES

13 Nov

M/f; time: 41 minutes

Bizarre Russian storylines as usual, but wicked CP; the family learns that daughter ‘Masha’ has gotten a tattoo. The father of the family is dead, so son ‘Lesha,’ the ubiquitous actor ‘Gerry Gerashvili’  does the family discipline. He thinks his sister Masha is a whore and works himself into a rage, not a good thing if you’ve  seen this actor do spanking.

Masha is called home (on a cell phone), confronted, and ordered to undress in front of the family. Plaid skirt, blouse, panties off, just a black bra.  Soon the bra and socks are gone. They see the simple tattoo on her hip and a pierced naval previously unknown! Nasty Lesha roughs her up and she soon is kneeling naked up on an arm chair. The whipping begins–older sister ‘Ulia’ has gotten Masha’s jump rope. “Cave in,” actor Gerry like to say, which means the actress must relax her back and stick out her bottom. Ilia watches in horror as Lesha slashes with the rope, leaving distinctive loop marks.

The long whipping on the chair constitutes the whole film and is sufficiently convincing on Masha’s pale bottom that we can recommend the film.

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