Selfish Habits – CONNOISSEUR

13 Nov

MF/2f; year: 2003; time: 48 minutes

Nuns lose their habits;  a nun in long flowing robes and full traditional headdress, hiding all but her shining face, is summoned by a supervising matron and accused of a few offenses we didn’t catalogue. We are only interested  in the penalty.

The matron does not hesitate to pull up the matron’s robe to check her underwear. “I’m going to take you over my knee and spank you.” No argument in  this convent. The nun takes down the girl’s “fancy” underwear. What? There’s the tattoo! It is the actress ‘Emma Brown, ‘ who will demonstrate the depth of her CP talent in this film by relying strictly on her acting and bottom–almost no facials, but a lot more dialogue than normal, and a bunch of spanking.

The nun was stealing funds. She gets the paddle, a sheath of birches, and then a memorable caning. Emma objects to her sentence of 12, is then awarded 18, and it ticks up  to 24. She ends up getting 30 strokes because she would not give up confederates. The matron intends to keep caning until Emma repents, which she does at about 25.  At the conclusion, she wiggles her smarting bottom side to side and bends her knees up and down, signature ‘Emma’ gestures.

A ‘priest’ enters the scene. “What on earth is gong on here?” As can be expected in these situations, Middle Management has exceeded its authority. Soon the matron’s robe is being raised. The priest lowers her panties, just a trifle slower, we suspect, than the diocese disciplinary manual specifies. He lets Emma spank the matron with the flogger, birch, and paddle. Since Emma couldn’t see which strap was used on her, the priest will apply three of them.

For good measure, the priest will take this opportunity to add to Emma’s stripes. “Please!” she begs. He too wants that confession. The cane–“I want you stretched right out.” 10 strokes. Emma will be required to collect 30 pds a day in donations or get a caning. “And the last one, sister?”  “It hurts worse than the rest, sir.”

This priest has the CP bug; because Emma miscounted, she gets another six; and he gives the bare bottom of the matron six backhanders. He’ll find a way to whip Emma most evenings in his office.

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