Louise The Woman Next Door – NUWEST FD-206

14 Nov

F/m; year: 1998; time: 29 minutes

‘David’ models panties; ‘Louise’  catches David going through her panties in her bedroom, the simple faux furniture setup NuWest uses. He is a neighbor who was supposed to be outside doing yard work. Louise wears a conventional two-piece white suit, very much like she just came home from work. This is her chance.

Louise taunts him for fancying ladies’ underwear. He denies; “David, take off all of your clothes and stand over there?”  “All of them?” As he strips, “Like panties, huh?” She makes him stand naked while she scopes him, her eyes on his groin.  Makes us think, “Thou shalt not covet thy neighbor’s penis.”

She makes him say, “Please Louise, let me wear a pair of your panties.”  Thus begins a long series of scenes where she selects a pair of panties from her drawer, he puts them on, she pulls them down, fondles and wanks his ever-growing penis, and is having as much or more fun than he is. “Ah, David, the little yard boy…get across my lap.”

She suggests she might give a tea party for her girlfriends and have him serve in a pair of her panties. They would like that, and despite his protestations, so would he. Another pair of panties, the erection bigger and bigger. She can’t keep her hands off it.  “Look at that!”

After four pairs of panties,  fondling, stroking, and spanking, he gasps softly over her lap. “I felt an awful wet down my leg,” she says.




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