Female Submissive Hairbrush Spankings 1-9 – NUWEST

15 Nov

#1 NWV-418 (23 minutes): We revisit and revise this review. Five hairbrush spankings segments–textbook! Collected over the years from the archives, and surely some vignettes from willing volunteer amateur models.  A long series from NU-WEST, containing most of their glamorous staff, and a few Visitors!

First, the charming little blond ‘Katie,’ very young and spunky at this juncture, with that funny little way she had of looking around the room as if wondering why she is here, is confronted by Ed Lee and visitor ‘Claudia.’ who will enjoy cocktails as they share Katie’s spanking. She is taken OTK by Lee, then by Claudia, with

lingers from Lee  on technique. The first crack of the brush sets Katie kicking. Claudia is fascinated.

Claudia takes over and is nearly as severe as Lee. Then Lee again for the second round–down with Katie’s rust colored suede bell-bottoms to show black panties. Claudia spanks on the panties also.

Lee again, panties down, “the meat of the matter,”  he says. He explains that a crack or two on the thighs (and a sharp word) gives a girl the message to stop kicking. Claudia gets the bare bottom, and Lee has to stop her, she is so enthusiastic.

Section #2 of this first  film, in the NU-WEST barn. A young and lean  ‘Debra’ spanks the skin off a blonde we think is ‘Jodi Cline,’ as we watch through a doorway and from overhead.

Section 3–a young Dana Specht on a classroom set with a schoolgirl. The hairbrush at school.

Section 4 – Katie again, on the lanai of Lee’s house, later in her career. OTK, shorts down, a white bottom and bikini tan. Cute frontal flashes as she moves around.

Section 5 – one of Ed Lee’s girdle spankings. No faces here. Bottom full screen, girdle down, then pantyhose down.

#2 Four more segments, from various eras at NUWEST. First, ‘Debra’ is playing ‘stepmother.’ She has ‘Amy’ pants down over her lap and ‘brother John’ bare butt in the corner. “This is going to be a red letter day in more ways than one. John wants to play with his cock”. Both to corner. “No rubbing!”

Next sequence, a longer one, this segment repeated elsewhere at NW. Nudie scene with ‘Katie’ coming out of the shower, performing her toilet and leisurely dressing. She receives a call from Ed Lee. She has been out too late dancing (which she has said in other films is good for her bottom), so she must report for a spanking. “You’re kidding. But I had the hairbrush last week….oh, all right.”
Cut to Lee’s place, gussied Katie in formal dress, OTK, skirt up, slip up, girdle down, panties and pantyhose down. Katie reminds him: “My ass wouldn’t look as good if I didn’t dance.”

Vanna spanks a blonde in the next segment–there are those foundation garments Lee loved–full girdle, garters, stockings. Vanna works to the bare bottom and whales away with the brush.

And a very frail Lee spanks a smoky blonde in theatrical lighting.

#3 NW has set up a classroom. This is an older segment, maybe with Janet Beckwith and ‘Peaches.’ The girl is being punished for poor work as a governess, and this simple exercise actually contains one of the hardest hairbrush spankings we have ever seen.

Next, Katie has to deal with the hairbrush from another NUWEST star, ‘Vanna.’ “I’m going to spank your ass until your teeth rattle.” Outside on the patio cabana. When Katie’s shorts and  panties come down together, there is that pale white bottom she keeps away from the sun. Flash of puss as she runs off, hopping mad, her bottom stinging.

Lee spanks a spandex girdled-bottom brunette, maybe ‘Katie’ in a wig, then gets the thing down to spank on bare skin. The girl is quiet; good spankers always demand response from their subjects. He wants more noise and redoubles his intensity. “That’s what I like, a red ass.” No faces, but the tattoo over the left buttock might belong to Kelly Raye.

Hairbrush #3 (26 minutes): Five more vintage hairbrush encounters from various times in the life of NUWEST.

An older ‘Vanna’ marches ‘Katie’ onto the patio of the NW townhouse for a “good sound spanking.” almost redundant if Vanna is on the case. OTK. panties down;  they’re outside. “You keep you mouth shut. I don’t want the whole neighborhood hearing your yelling.” Lighting is poor; crisp and short with the brush, then she is marched upstairs, panties at her knees.

A blonde makes a martini, her antidote for the hairbrush. ‘Karen’ is her roommate, the dominant one. Back and forth, the hairbrush on a chair and into the corner, because she won’t apologize. Finally, the rapid fire hairbrush wins out, and she screams her apology.

A short bedroom scene, Celia gets the hairbrush on bare skin.

Ed Lee has fun with ‘Louise,’ who reports to him in those foundation garments he loves–bra and girdle. Under the girdle, pantyhose, under them nothing. “That’s what I like, a red ass.” Into the corner.

A blonde drops her panties for Lee’s brush. “Hold still. Take your spanking like you’re supposed to.”

#4 (22 Minutes) Four more cunning little hairbrush events; first is ‘Katie’ being spanked by Ed Lee in the town house setting. He has her OTK in the kitchen. We can see the remote control camera set up through the kitchen opening, positioned to film her bottom as the alternate view–an unusual moment for NUWEST, showing their mechanics like this. Standard crisp hairbrush spankings, lovely little panties come down. The alternate views of Katie’s bottom should go into your collection.

A blonde in satin bra, panties, and pantyhose fidgets in her bedroom, then pulls on gym shorts and running shoes. Vanna shows up with the hairbrush. Shorts, panties, and pantyhose down in due course, hard spanking, tears.

Two Ed Lee sequences, one with his Katie in a black wig.

#5 (18 minutes)Five short roastings, vintage selections over the NUWEST years.

First up is Domme Anne Bowman, never with the Vegas stagecraft of the future NUWEST girls, but more like your maiden aunt in from Des Moines, bringing her kinky little habits with her. But she does love to pull panties down, and  here she spanks little Eve Howard, still in her apprentice years, with a daunting large hairbrush. Blacks slacks, black panties, bruises, 50 strokes.

Early ‘Debra’  in nothing but heels–we note again, she must sunbathe in the nude. Lots of body hair, and as exciting a female package as you need to see. You can imagine hanging on for dear life. Spanked OTK on the Oriental rug by another female, chased to the corner, then back for more. Of many appearances over the years, we rate this one of our favorites from Debra.

‘Katie’  in an outdoor scene. A blond female spanks her, white panties down, for late rent.

Ed Lee in NW’s attempt at theatrical lighting. He spanks and scolds a blonde.

Katie again, in her black wig, black girdle, bra, and heels. Lee gets her bottom bare and does the job.

#6 (21 minutes): more vintage, crisp, stinging spankings, 4 segments here. In the first,  a woman takes a Little Orphan Annie-type curly brunette OTK, panties already down, fuzz flash for us. In NuWest’s faux bedroom with its Woolworth furniture. Precise with the hairbrush–the spanker wears a short black slip and is having a grand old time doing this. “Nice and warm,” she almost coos, enjoying the adolescent bottom twitching on her lap.

Later in time at NuWest, on the townhouse set, a hefty blonde spanks ‘Jodi Cline,’ who is marched upstairs in corset, garters, and stockings. OTK, girdle up, lace panties down. “You’re nice and red,”  is accurate. Lots of leg shots of both spanker and Jodi. Flurry for finale.

Ed Lee spanks a girl we didn’t recognize. Girdle down (he loved foundation garments). Pantyhose down, no skivvies. Flurry to conclude.

Lee hustles an older pretty dark blonde to his woodpile for one of his outdoor spankings. Great facials. Short skirt, purple boots. Skirt up, panties down. “Oh, you’re nice and red. A tender ass!” praises Lee. The actress jumps free at the conclusion, giving us a little smile.

#7 (14 minutes): Four short episodes; the first is the most formal–we think it is ‘Jodi Cline’  who is going to get the hairbrush from three stern-spanking NW spankers -‘Karen,’ a blonde we couldn’t identify, and ‘Vanna.’ Each girl takes a few minutes with Jodi’s bare bottom. Jodi flashes a little fur each time she gets up to be spanked by the next girl.

When it comes Vanna’s turn: “You’re not going to forget this one.”  Vanna notices “blood blisters” developing, very likely, from all these full-swing hairbrush strokes.

In the second segment, Katie gets the hairbrush on the townhouse set while a second girl waits in the corner. The spanker is another of the NW female glamour set. After a brief hairbrushing and Katie-like squeals, the second blonde goes OTK for her very brief spanking.

In the townhouse, Ed Lee has a white girdle over his lap, well-filled of course. Soon he rucks that down and goes to work with the hairbrush, burning her pantyhose. Then, it’s bare-bottom, and a dramatic package it is.

Ed drags ‘Katie,’  here in a black pigtailed wig, along a gravel path exterior and gives her a very brief spanking on her nifty jeans in the sunlight. She stands and drops them, a complicated belt, to display multi-striped panties, very nice. Lee is haggard in this film, well along in his career.

#8 NWV-425(18 minutes): Ed Lee spanks ‘Bridget,’ hard and fast, with his hairbrush. He loves to scold and make with the spanking talk: “You earned a spanking and you’re going to get it. That’s why God put behinds on little girls like you.” He plays a school principal, the girl is in uniform, complete with black-and-whites. He pulls her panties down any preliminaries. She is short enough almost to be suspended over his lap.

Next segment–two girls; Lee, gray and bearded, whales with the brush as the girl screams. Another girl is seen sneaking apprehensive glances from her corner. She is soon called forward–‘Rosa’ (from ‘Guadalajara,’  we know from other films), panties down, hard smacks with the hairbrush.

The third segment: Julia spanks ‘Katie,’ no warmup. “I’ll give you 50 with the hairbrush, then pleasure you, then give you 50 more.” And she does. Katie has turned up her trim little white bottom, no panties, pigtails, garters, stockings, white top.

Julia counts out 50–hard rhythmic smacks, no faking this. “Ah, your bottom is sooo red.” Then nice frigging grope, closeup on the screen, gets Katie to respond. Julia is l0ving it too.

Then 50 more, much faster, again counted aloud. Another concluding grope.

The fourth segment is short. A pretty blonde we couldn’t identify: “Now for a little revenge,” she spanks another girl, on pantyhose and then on the bare.

Actress ‘Jodi Cline’ spanks a brunette, who is already cornered, her pants dropped and pulled tight at her ankles, when the scene begins. She scolds a bit melodramatically but spanks with crisp purpose. The girl is sent to the corner again.

After a dissolve, apparently the girl continues to misbehave, because Jodi burns her bottom again over her pink panties and then on the bare, handspanking and the hairbrush.

#9 ‘Katie’ and ‘Judith,’ dressed identically in white blouses and school skirts, are marched upstairs in the townhouse by Ed Lee, the usual upskirt shots. They’ve broken curfew. Lee spanks both briefly on a bed.

The stunning naked Debra takes the brush from Lee over his lap.

Lee will spank two girls in an early scene. One boyfriend gets to watch. Lee holds up the brush and explains its unique weight, balance and wood. He muses about how many bottoms he has spanked with it. And this is early at NUWEST.

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