Mallory Stripped and Whipped – NUWEST FCV-088

15 Nov

MF/f; year: 1999; time: 24 minutes

‘Mallory’  meets her fate in the NuWest storeroom. She has been sassing the other models and she is going to learn the penalty here. Ed Lee the inquisitor circles: “I’m going to whip your ass and back today.” The model ‘Katie’ sits watching (she has all her clothes on this time). Katie: “Aren’t you going to take her clothes off?”

Mallory is a tall , dynamic runway-type brunette, stretched high and wide. Lee starts whipping her on her skirt and blouse. This is one of the better technical productions we have seen from NuWest. He pulls up her blouse and bra. Katie walks over to inspect the marks so far. “Oooh, nice.” Lee always taunts. He removes Mallory’s skirt and we inspect welts on her rock-hard dancer’s bottom. Switching from horsewhip to dogwhip. Mallory gets a faster series dead center on the bottom then on the thighs.

Katie does some whipping herself and is not good at it, but it is fun to watch her. Lee takes over, shows Mallory’s tormented face to the camera, and announces she will be whipped until she agrees to give Katie oral sex. Her refusal brings a whipping fusillade until she relents. She screams, “OK, I’ll do it!”

Katie approaches, raises her skirt, takes off her panties, and props one foot on a can  of spackle. Mallory is released, kneels down and goes to work between Katie’s legs. Katie’s bare bottom is full screen as Mallory’s head bobs away. Wonderful NuWest; multiple layers of eroticism.

One Response to “Mallory Stripped and Whipped – NUWEST FCV-088”

  1. William M Maybrier March 19, 2021 at 2:03 am #

    Did “Mallory” do any other movies?

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