Reform School Strappings #2 – NUWEST

17 Nov

F/2f; time:  21 minutes

NuWest’s institutional strappings;   two girls are disciplined in a “reform school” scenario. Brunette actress ‘Suzi Ekler’ as ‘Miss Johnson,’ is brought to the punishment table first, the ringleader of some goings-on at the school It is a tall padded, full length bench. Two female attendants, the ‘guard’ and the ‘matron,’  preside.

Johnson has prepared herself, in just undershirt and white panties. She climbs onto the table and lies lengthwise, her ankles and wrists are fastened in a time-consuming process which we have always enjoyed. The guard carefully lowers Johnson’s panties to her thighs. The guard is ordered to proceed with a heavy leather strop. Johnson is stoic; the matron remarks on her “cast iron ass” and orders the guard to whip harder, “another 25, as hard as you possibly can.” And there is ANOTHER  25, still not much response. Some faux tears.

The second girl for today’s session is ‘Penelope,’ long tawny-haired actress “Penny Smitz.’ She is fastened down and prepared in the same way, the camera fascinated with her body, for good reason. She whimpers and struggles against  the straps during her whipping. The matron keep her hair off her face for us. Good facials, swelling bottom perfect for the table.

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