Whip! Crack! – NUWEST FCV-104

18 Nov

time: 28 minutes

Whippings at the NU-WEST townhouse; ‘Vanna’  has a big blonde kneel on the floor, removes her thong, spreads her legs about 2 feet apart, and whips her horizontally and vertically, with a martinet. Vanna’s strokes between the girl’s legs score and she jumps. The ‘crack’ refers to both the sound and the location of the stroke.

The second segment features Ed Lee, Katie, and another blonde. He informs them they are going to be whipped “between the legs….it will hurt like hell.” The girls have ‘safe;  words .They can use them and go home, unpaid. Katie has that marvelous way of looking absolutely disgusted with her circumstances.

The scene is shot from above. The  girls kneel on the Oriental rug and expose their bare bottoms. Lee moves from one to the other, slashing vertically with a martinet. The girls scream and kick their heels as Lee catches the sensitive valleys.  They collapse in pain. Despite Katie’s many spankings, she is not toughened in this area.

In the third scene, three blondes are kneeling bottoms-up as Vanna circles with the whip. One is Katie again. Vanna patrols and snaps the whip here and there and sets all three to screaming.

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