Red Hot Reference – CALSTAR

19 Nov

M/f; year: 1993; time: 24 minutes

Secretaries in trouble, before it was in vogue to make films about this; “Vicki’ is a hot-looking secretary-type, in a blond hairdo reminding us of an early Jane Fonda. Her boss (with his own vintage Prince Valiant hairdo)  is very displeased with a business proposal she has drafted. He demands she stay into the evening to fix it. She insists on leaving and issues an ultimatum. From the look of her, she has probably got some bikers idling in the parking lot waiting for her to climb on.

The boss is furious, as we know he must be, given the time constraints he has in this video. “If you don’t behave I’ll put you across my knee and smack your backside.” He grabs her OTK, skirt up, and spanks to a fare-thee-well on her loose black panties. For some reason, they must adjust positions–she kneels on the floor still bent over one of his knees. She is doing the best she can to seem unhappy.

Panties down. “No…no..  you’re disgusting, you are.” The boss happens to have a very small spatula-sized paddle immediately at hand. He doesn’t spank hard. She stands, winking her nether charms for us, while the boss goes to get his cane. We like to say, once the pants are off, the era of the film is irrelevant.

“You want a good reference, don’t you?….Take your dress off.” Vicki slowly undresses, down to just a bustier, no pants, no bra, quite naughty, and in the office! She preens and the camera scans carefully–this is the nudie portion typical of this ’90’s genre.

A  few zingers from the riding crop. She displays a full thatch of pubic hair, just about the most reliable chronological marker we have found. He wants her naked–she unbuttons the bustier with some difficulty.

If she will take the cane, she can write her own reference and the boss will sign it. Hands-on-couch, bent over, 25 good strokes. The usual perspectives were filmed, there were repeats, so nicely mixed in we were unconcerned. Entertaining. She can leave for the evening now–the hell with the redraft.

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