Discipline Military Style – NUWEST NWV-275

20 Nov

M/f; time: 25 minutes

NuWest tries some theater! An aerial shot of a remote compound in the desert; the screen graphic reports it is “Home of 117 Militia Infantry Battalion, LtCol Ed Lee Commanding,” a comical version of the mythical Area 51 in Nevada.

Lee sits at his desk on the NW sound stage, gray beard, wearing camouflage fatigues. On an obsolete phonograph he puts on a recording of ‘Stars and Stripes Forever,’ and gets out his .45 pistol to examine. If we didn’t know about NuWest’s propensity for strong finishes, we’d be gone by now.

A blond female prisoner, a “private Nielsen,” is brought to Lee by a female MP. Her file is filled with offenses; he has “special methods” for these “girlie troopers.” First , he doesn’t like her faux braids. It is the model ‘Ingrid,’ who has worn braids and nothing else in other films. She removes the offending braids– a lot of talk so far in this film.

“We will deal with your offenses one by one.” For sleeping through reveille, he takes her OTK, on what looks like an authentic field camp stool. First he spanks on her camou pants. “Drop your trousers.”   “Sir?” Back OTK, black panties, not regulation! Hard and fast spanking gets gasps.

For the second offense, a rusty rifle, she takes a scolding, her trousers puddled at her ankles and probably not coming back up for a while. More loud OTK.

And for sleeping on guard duty, back OTK, panties down, a red bottom by now. When she stands after this spanking, she pulls up her blouse for the official pubic flash, full thatch. He sends her off to return in her Class A uniform.

He likes the way she looks–brown blouse, olive drab skirt. Lee actually goes under her skirt to see if her stocking seams are straight! She has to raise her skirt, very slowly! to expose garters.

Downhill from here on for Nielsen. “Remove your shirt” – regulation bra; belt and skirt off–regulation full-cute beige panties. He likes it all.

In the military tradition, she must “volunteer” for a spanking. OTK on the camp stool. At the conclusion, she stands, a bit disheveled, panties down, saluting in front of his desk, reminding us of the image of the Playboy cartoon character ‘Annie Fanny,’  after she has been fucked for an hour. More ‘Stars and Stripes.’

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