Father Knows Ms. Best – CALSTAR

20 Nov

F/f; year: 1986; time: 25 minutes

Fascinating and naughty vintage spanking; an older Imprint film; there is some spanking, but the majority of the time is taken with a slow caressing examination of the naked body of an unusually delectable blond actress whose bottom is featured. We join little ‘Amanda’ in her bedroom, where she slowly undresses to nudity, making sure we get a careful leisurely look at her tush; then removes and improves her makeup, all while naked. She carefully dresses in naughty white undies, blouse and skirt. Her sweet Mohawk shows through the gauzy panties.

It seems that, downstairs, her father is chatting with Mrs. Best, a familiar actress/woman he has hired to spank Amanda, because he can’t make an impression. Amanda’s ministrations are in careful preparation for an appearance before this lady–presumably she knows that the clothes she just put on will be coming off in one way or another. Mrs. Best sits with ‘Ian,’ the father, one of the fiendish ageplay spanking actors, who finds himself once again about to put a cute post teenage actress to the test. Best has a carrying case tube with her–we doubt it is for the purpose of holding art prints.

Amanda is called downstairs and finally appears, theatrically late. These moments when she portrays hostility, fear, and resentment at this situation are almost as good as the spanking which follows. Now we appreciate the care she took to dress so meticulously.

Best tells her to strip, take all her clothes off. But…but…her father is sitting there. He offers to leave, but Best wants him to witness the humiliation, so he can replicate it if necessary. You have to wonder with this genre of male actors from the Blushes/Rouse/Imprint era, who paid who to get these assignments? When she gets down to panties, garter belt, and stockings, Best lets her stop there. Ian leers. She is directed to do some slow, harmless PT, highlighting her sweet figure. Best bends her over and bunches her panties. Camera angles, lighting, and sound are perfect, which was not always the case in this era. Everyone was enjoying this young lady’s misery. Such a pretty face–big blue eyes. She is a dead ringer for the American actress Eric Eleniak, who came along a few years later.

Some more PT, Best waves a tawse in case Amanda didn’t get the message. She does get a few strokes, but that is all. Finally Amanda hands over her panties and lies on the floor to do the ‘bicycle’ and to provide the diaper position for the tawse. Ian has some view, better than the camera…we wish we were sitting there. Amanda’s dignity is long gone.

The scene ends with closeups of Amanda’s soulful face, tears on her cheeks. there never was a serious spanking. However, this is an actress worth seeking out.

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