First Week of Term – ROUE

20 Nov

M/2f; year: 1985; time: 45 minutes

Absolute classic, an Imprint production carried by ROUE, in the British schoolgirl genre. It is in two parts, with continuous plot. This work is not major, but its producers just love their spanking and exploit the nuances of the fetish, commencing with one of those “behind high walls” views of a Victorian school setting.

Two nervous and fidgety uniformed girls, ‘Brooks’  and ‘Harris,’ eavesdrop teachers’ conversation in the school office hallway as to what their fate is going to be for some mischief. The girls agree not to give each other up. We are hoping they have good reason to be frightened and that they face a stern test. The teacher, an older regular Roue spanker, summons them. The girls won’t confess.

Brooks is to be first. She is a short attractive brunette and good with the anxious expressions. “Get your skirt up.” Teacher lands some stinging slaps to her thighs, which appear to hurt. Alice Harris (the actress from Room 2D) is next to raise her skirt and take stinging slaps on the thighs. Both girls are very unhappy. Teacher next removes Brooks’  skirt himself–he seems to know just how to do this. She is then sent out and upstairs to wait. The camera follows her nice white pants up the staircase. Harris is now alone on the griddle.

The teacher instructs her to take off her skirt and chides her, since she has been spanked here before, that she didn’t remember to take her panties down herself. “Why am I seeing knickers when I should see no knickers?” Down they come. Her back is to us. His eyes move to her crotch. He is impressed, maybe obsessed, with her bottom (as we are) and comments on her “smackability.” “Your bum gets more tempting every time we do this.” Miss Harris does not like the import of this repartee. Lovely facial closeups of deep blue eyes. “You won’t be sitting down for supper, that’s for sure.” She goes OTK for a long session–lots of struggling, hands loose to try to cover up. Nice coloring up; great camera angles from various places. Finally: “Take your wretched bottom upstairs. My cane and your bottom will be renewing acquaintances very shortly.” She makes the same stair climb with pants at the thighs. Teacher follows; Brooks is sent to find the cane, and when she is delayed, Harris gets more OTK to pass the time; very nice tears. Here endth the first lesson.

With a nice segue into part 2, both girls have pants at half-mast and are being caned by the teacher. Brooks on the bed; Harris kneels up on a bench. The teacher alternates mild snaps of the cane, as he wanders the room. The girls shrink in fear of the next unpredictable stroke. The punishment is lenient, but the intimidation is wonderful. The girls whine, cry, and sniffle through it all. Brooks is let off, and the video concludes with about 15 increasingly intense strokes to Alice’s notable behind. Nice marks and welts; a face glossed with tears and elegant acting–stoic acceptance that she must be caned and realistic unhappiness with the plight of helplessness without pants in front of a clearly lecherous teacher.

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