Jennifer’s Punishments Vol 1 – REALSPANKINGS

21 Nov

year: 2001; time: 58 minutes

Four rough sessions for RealSpankings model ‘Jennifer’; RSI tells us 18 year old ‘Jennifer’ came to them for a sort of soul cleansing. Each session gets a little more severe, the suggestion being that whatever message Jennifer wanted to absorb, it didn’t work, and the spankings need to be dialed up.

The settings are crudely furnished rooms or offices, a bit like NuWest’s décor mentality in its early days. RSI  got increasingly ambitious with sets and plots, but even in these primitive days the spankings were spirited and impressive.

Scruffy teenaged Jennifer took money from her mother’s purse and volunteers for penance. Mistress Dee spanks her at RSI in this first scenario. OTK, Dee begins on white panties. Then Jennifer strips naked, but slightly off-camera, probably not intended. OTK naked, then over a bench for paddle and strap.

In this segment, and in fact throughout both volumes of ‘Jennifer’s Punishments.’ the short-haired diminutive blonde is mostly silent and stoic. One particular paddle, we will point out, does elicit some verbal response.

After a bottom-in-the-corner , Dee returns with a large rectangular floppy paddle, with a stiffening rod, which has drawn some cries from other models. Jennifer gets a session at the bench.

On her little single bed, she lies on her stomach on a pillow under her hips, naked, for a handspanking, the floppy paddle, and 10 counted hairbrush strokes. Hands-on-head to the corner. These are not the sessions where an actress could go to lunch and return to make another film.

In the second story, Jennifer’s offense is too serious for her to report on-camera. Webmaster Michael Masterson will therefore raise the ante. OTK,  she bares her own bottom for the warmup.

Cut to a new scene–she is already naked. Masterson uses a belt, a big paddle, and his Spencer paddle. Her gets her bottom thoroughly red, with those telltale white scuff marks before they turn colors.

The third meeting is intended to be as severe as possible. Jennifer bares her bottom for Masterson, who spanks her OTK with a collection of implements on display, a small floppy paddle, a kitchen stirrer, the aggressive wood spot-paddle, and a small round Spencer paddle. He uses the small hard wood big lolly-pop like spot paddle repeatedly, virtually pounding on the same spot, until Jennifer’s cry begins to rise, then he moves to the next spot, moving quickly around her bottom, until he achieves a deep red glow and rising moans.

He concludes this session with a long paddle, with Jennifer standing, hands-on-chair. Masterson likes the buttocks crease the cheek and the thigh.

In the fourth session, there will be no warmup. Jennifer is naked at the start, in front of the faux fireplace which will be part of the RSI scene. A strap, a paddle; on hands and knees for a crop; at a chair for a yardstick and the floppy paddle. Jennifer is bruised and mottled by now, but a rapid session with that little spot-paddle, drilled down on one area at a time, pushes her as close to a break as we saw on either film.

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