Julia’s Other Whippings 1998 – NUWEST FCV-090

21 Nov

MF/f; time: 27 minutes

Julia takes some harsh stuff here; four whipping scenes, and some more bdsm oriented work from Mr. Lee. The positions are challenging to describe.  Julia Jameson, strung up in the NUWEST workroom, a big girl by now, her big bra open, Ed Lee is whipping her bare back while actress ‘Vanna’ encourages  Ed from across the table. Lee has a very effective wrist-snapping style with his dog whip. We’ve always thought he could nail a fly. “Vanna wants me to whip you harder.” “Oow. Shit!” In the background, we can see the X-frames used in other films. Vanna gets a brief turn with the whip.

“A little surprise for you, Julia. It’s called ‘pussy whipping.'” “Shit!” Julia seems to know what is coming and to have no choice. Did Vanna and Julia draw straws as to who would play which part?

The next scene opens with Julia in one of those erotic predicaments you will remember. She is on her back, in just panties, strapped to a short board flat on the floor, knees pulled open and back by straps, wrists tied down, shoulders pinned down. She can lift her head to see what is happening. Pussy Galore, ultimately vulnerable. Even experienced actors would need a safe word for this situation.

Lee flogs her vagina vertically with his martinet. She cries out on each stroke. Vanna watches. At Lee’s suggestion, Vanna cuts away her panties with scissors, showing a wild bush of pubic hair. Her cries from the martinet are louder.

The next brief scene shows Julia, stark naked, stretched face down on the studio Oriental rug, being whipped by Lee.

The final scene–another bizarre position outside the imagination of all but the most fertile prurient minds. Julia is stretched face-down naked on the floor, her hips resting on an elevated box about 12″ high and wide enough to stabilize her weight. A rudder-like board runs from the box between her legs to her toes, to which her knees and ankles are secured. Acting like a splint, there will be no  wiggling here. Her face and breasts are pressed to the floor at the opposite end.

Lee whips her in his bathrobe, using his bullwhip here. Various elevated and distant shots of this bizarre, primitive, and original presentation.


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