More of Amy’s Aunties – NUWEST NWV-303

21 Nov

4F/f; time: 30 minutes

Model ‘Amy’ spanked by four more ‘aunts’ because she fails to obey her mother. ‘Debra’ is the first aunt. After a scolding, she spanks her in a straightforward OTK scene, a modest 30 hand-strokes (keep in mind 3 aunts await), in a sequence to be repeated by each aunt, four different angles;  right-front, where we watch Amy’s face; straight front; a rear view centered on her bottom; and a left oblique. She is spanked firs on her dress, then on pantyhose, and then on the bare bottom. With each aunt, the last set of spanks is lengthy and fast. Ed Lee always called this bracket the “yelper.”

A tall thin brunette is the second spanker. Amy complains she has already been spanked by one aunt, but OTK she goes. This session is much more extensive–70 smacks, not hard but colorful. Same four repeated camera angles of the 70 swats and the same progression to bare skin. This aunt can’t resist checking with the camera-person,

Heather is the third aunt. She’s buxom and powerful and lays on almost 90 hard smacks during the same sequence. These spankings are mounting up. Amy has begun gasping and her pretty bottom is accumulating a glow.

The fourth aunt is a glamorous blonde. These sequences are shortened, but we think Amy took a full 150 smacks this time, not fully repeated from each angle. Amy is sniffling by now. At the conclusion, they hug and all is forgiven.

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