Rhonda’s Paddling – NU-WEST

21 Nov

2F/f; time: 12 minutes

A paddling on a girdle; we stuck with this simple enterprise because NU-WEST can come up with humor even when they don’t mean to. Brunette ‘Rhonda’ is draped over a chair, skirt thrown up, thigh-length girdle up for the target. This may be one of those contract-spankings, where Lee advised us that women called the studio to arrange a personal session.

Katie and Vanna, in full parochial regalia of charcoal gray pinafore, blouse, knee socks, black-and-whites, and pigtails, circle Rhonda with wood fraternity paddles, whacking her on occasion. They circle and circle–you’re hoping on each circuit they’ll stop and lay on a few smacks.

Ed Lee supervises with his Single Malt, tormenting her. Rhonda turns her face to the camera from her bent-over posture–she is an  older woman. “I’ll get you for this,” she says. the girdle never comes down, which was surely part of  the acting deal for her. The paddling does get a little harder though. She kisses Katie’s paddle to conclude.

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