The Caned Nurse – MOONGLOW

21 Nov

MF/2f; time: 24 minutes

National Health Care and spanking! Mr. Fortesque lies on his bed at home (lo0ks like a cheap motel room to us), being attended by nurses. He is unhappy with his care, and clearly on the mend, because he is of a mind to get at his nurses and spank them, having had to watch their bottoms wiggling around him for several weeks. The blond nurse on duty is sent downstairs and returns with a large Adidas gym bag full of implements. “You’re not going to use those on me.”

It looks like, in this iteration of home health care, nurses don’t have much sway. She is urged to bend over (the guy is in his pajamas–we hope they are buttoned), uniform up, tight well-fitted full white panties covering a bottom this guy was eyeing for a while. Mild spanking, then some of the same, flat on the bed.

But  for the relief nurse, Fortesque has his most devious plans. He tells the blonde: “If your friend doesn’t submit to a severe spanking, you’re both sacked.” The blonde meets the relief nurse when she arrives and explains what must happen. “You’re joking.” They discuss the choices and decide to take the spanking.

The curly-haired brunette nurse is smaller than the blonde, and her uniform is a size or two too big. It is probably more secure, if you are in pajamas, to have someone else do the spanking, so the blonde takes her associate OTK, pulls up the uniform and begins spanking on white pants. Fortesque leans over the action to assist, bunches her pants, then pulls them down, and he spreads the brunette’s legs.

Next, the brunette lies on Fortesque’s bed on her back, he holds her legs in the air in a dramatic version of the diaper position. The blonde gets her uniform out of the way and begins paddling with one of at least 10 implements laid out from the Adidas bag. She is totally exposed, fig-like, legs separated, downright pornographic.

The brunette is urged into a kneeling position on the bed, head low, for a spearmint-shaped wood paddle. It doesn’t look painful, but bruises appear immediately, and her melodramatic cries take on new urgency.

Elbows on the end of the bed for the cane. 12 strokes. She hugs a pillow and cries in despair. His fun about complete, the brunette lies on the bed, they both examine the results, and he gets to give her a careful creaming.

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