Training Officer – CALSTAR

21 Nov

M/2f; year: 1993; time: 58 minutes

Very old CA.STAR, a film once by MOONGLOW, called ‘Thawed Bottoms’  in their old catalogue, and featuring ‘Joe Stewart,’ and one of our nominees for bottom-of-the-decades, ‘Alison Payne.’  Here, Ms. Payne has a heavy untended thatch of pubic hair and, a first for us, she and the other female actress are not shaved under the arms. This era (surely earlier than 1993) fascinates us–full frontal nudity often teasingly flashed; clothes are shed reluctantly;  the girls usually pose in cameo cheesecake-style, in a shower or changing scene, at least once;  and the spankings are thorough and erotic, but not cruel. This film would be uneventful except for Alison’s acting and the outdoor scene.

Alison plays ‘Kelly’  and another actress is ‘Sharon.’ Both report in girl scout-type uniforms to a cadet training camp at a snowy cabin. Trainer Joe Stewart jumps them immediately for being late and catches them smoking on their bunk beds.

To Kelly (Alison): “What are you going to get now?”  “Corporal punishment, sir.” The girls are ordered from their bunks wearing only jersey-like slips. Kelly is taken OTK, and being the experienced CP actress she is, knows to extend and spread her legs. Handspanking, white panties bunched, then pulled down, to display one of the industry’s absolutely greatest bottoms.

The second cadet is taken OTK, another tall blondish girl with an ample spankable bottom. She whimpers, and Joe does not spank as hard. Throughout, Alison gets harder doses. She is the star and surely was paid more, and must have a high pain threshold.

Joe continues the session. Kelly kneels up on a couch, slip up, white pants down again, for 12 very hard crop strokes. She gasps in her Irish glory, keeping her knees just wide enough. Welts begin. The blonde is bared and cropped, not as many and not as hard.

There follows an outdoor scene a bit adventurous for CP films. The girls are bundled up and hiking in the snow, following a map on a training exercise. They stop for a smoke and Joe catches them. They must drop their pants and bare their bottoms in the snow. “Get up, pants down, or you’re off the course…you want to go home without your certificate?” Some brief handspanking, snow rubbed on bare cheeks. We enjoyed the novelty of the setting and the concept.

Back to the cabin. “Be in the kitchen in 5 minutes, in your uniforms!” The clothes don’t last long. “Skirts off!” Kelly goes OTK again, pants down. “What a lot of noise you make for a little slut!” She gets a long spanking, because (1) she has a bottom difficult to move the camera away from, and (2) she can take the punishment. When she is finished and stands: “Undo your top.” She bares her breasts and frontal thatch for Joe, with a facial expression, as if to say to us: ‘Is this good enough for you?’

The blonde is spanked in the same way, then kneels on a chair for a big floppy razor strop, used only mildly. Yet she tears up, turning her wet face to us.

Joe announces it is “cane time,” and the blonde is first because she is already in position. Only seven strokes, moderately hard with a long thin whippy cane–she kicks her white-stocking legs in girlish discomfort. She seems to break down at this point. Her bottom is much more bruised than Kelly’s. She is cornered, blouse tied up, to provide us background material.

Kelly comes out for the cane, up on a chair, 6 strokes to start. Ms. Payne has always specialized in sassy insouciant backtalk while she is being punished, this performance exemplifies it. She earns 6 more strokes.

The blonde is put back on the chair for more, but since Kelly keeps up her chatter, it is she who gets more, in the ‘frisk’  position against the wall, 6 more. Kelly manages to giggle as she is caned and actually causes Joe to laugh also.

A  few more strokes for both girls, then the most exhilarating zoom-in on Kelly’s bottom, pink, some stripes, well done.

Joe lectures the girls; they stand naked facing us, full frontals. The blonde has retained her blouse. Kelly smiles at us. They will be getting their certificates.

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