Italian Apples – NUWEST

26 Nov

M/f; time: 20 minutes

Enema and spanking, Italian style;  a film distributed by NuWest, not of their style, and not from their normal source;  a dark brunette takes off her skirt and kneels on a bed, shifting anxiously in anticipation–we will never see her face. A male, who wears a terrorist’s ski mask, prepares a red enema bottle. He tests the nozzle and hangs the bag on the wall hook.

He pulls the gusset of her panties out of the way, then pulls them down, slapping her bottom back into place as she instinctively tries to avoid him. “Ow, ow,” presumably in Italian, but universal. He lubes her anus  with her fingers, to wonderful little gasps from her.

In goes the nozzle, slowly and carefully, her moans and groans constitute possibly the most realistic enema we have seen, rivaling LUPUS.. He spanks her intermittently and wiggles the nozzle to increase capacity and depth, eliciting submissive responses each time. Closeups, huge abundance of hair.

He squeezes the fluid out of the hanging bottle to complete the process,  holding her still. She wants to get up. Nozzle jiggle-very sexy.

Out comes the nozzle, slowly enough, and she is allowed to scamper off to the bathroom. While she is away, the masked man searches the kitchen for implements suitable for the official spanking which is to come.

The girl goes OTK rather reluctantly. The spankings with spoon and spatula don’t shatter any records. Thong off. When she is urged into the diaper position, a full-length mirror adds to the fun. And further testimony of how little shaving was done in Europe when this film was made.

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