Sally’s First Lesson – CALSTAR

26 Nov

M/2f; time:58 minutes

About as vintage as we have found, a familiar actor from the ROUE/BLUSHES era, a perfect schoolmaster in many roles and a supreme tormentor of the helpless schoolgirl. The plot here is simply to find a way to the bare bottom of student ‘Sally Clarke’ and impress on her, so to speak, the continuing consideration of What Bottoms Are For. The spankings in this video were never intense, but the tension created by the combination of ageplay, and sensuous, refined, innocent-seeming eventually naked docile schoolgirls resigned  to their fate has rarely been surpassed in more recent years. ‘Room 2D’ is one of the acknowledged most admired in the class. We like ‘Half Term Punishments,’  not so much for the spankings as seen but for what they could have been in the full fantasy. In ‘Big Girls Do Cry,’ as ‘Uncle Albert,’ this actor dispenses with any illusion as to what these spankings are meant to lead to. One has to wonder how these sweet actresses were convinced to take the roles

Sally reports to detention. She walks fearfully up the stairs, hears the cries of another girl, a delectable little blonde, at this point half-dressed, dancing and squealing under the cane. Classic classroom furniture.

Sally knocks, enters, amd gets an eyeful of the proceedings underway before being sent off to wait her turn. These girls know what detention with this Master will entail. Soon the blonde is naked, in the full throes of her afternoon whipping, a little blond thatch confirming, and a shiny red bottom in contrast to her pale white body. Very erotic, especially when the half-masted panties are peeled off to leave just knee socks and maryjanes. She is caned on the palms, permitting us a leisurely frontal view, then sent nude to the next room with her clothes bundled to wait for more. “I’m not finished with you.” Lots of corridors, closing doors, and stairways enhance the anxiety in this group of videos.

Sally is called in, seated at the 19th Century school desk, her skirt is short enough that her panties touch the wood seat. She is berated and lectured while the Master flexes the cane. “I am going to introduce you to my methods of encouraging concentration.” Sally is a demure brunette in conservative school jacket and skirt. With her eyes, she tells us she knows what probably is in store for her. Her first instruction involves responding to all directions by, each time, jumping to her feet, saying “sir,” and pulling down her knickers.

Most of the video is given over to her being questioned, bent over the desk, pants down, for handspanking or the cane. She fails in her testing and matters escalate with exquisite slowness, so it becomes apparent that the Master is tormenting Sally mostly just because he can. Her fondles her bottom at every opportunity. She must face him, skirt up and pants down, when he lectures. He has his undisputed privileges.

Toward the end, when the caning has begun in earnest, skirt off–sweater/jacket off, the camera holds full-screen on her theatrical bottom for at least four minutes, a magnificent sight. “No more. I can’t take any more, sir.” She dresses, but the Master needs one more bare bottom check.

The Master steps into the next room, where the naked little blonde waits, cowering. The door closes, and she squeals as her caning continues. We suppose he can whip the afternoon’s girls to his satisfaction. Plenty of busses out there.

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