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Mandy – NUWEST NWV-158

30 Dec

MF/f; year: 1988; time: 23 minutes

Very early NuWest, a young Ed Lee, a frisky ‘Joanne Jameson’; Lee narrates–this is another tape made at the request of someone; ‘Mandy’ has called from Los Angeles and wants to be spanked on-camera, tonight if possible, for the experience and for her boyfriend. She wants to be spanked by a man AND  a woman. Lee loves the idea of course–he has commented on ‘fresh bottoms’ on other occasions. Joanne is particularly aroused–when she spanks older women, she gets the rush of getting back at her teachers.

Of the films we have seen in this ‘sprecial request’ format, this is the most erotic, the most informal, the best depiction of an ad lib illustration of an amateur bottom dealt with at NuWest (so far). We’ll keep reporting.

Joanne and Lee meet Mandy at the office door. She is a tiny and very cute blonde, 35 years old. Both are delighted and surprised with her appearance. “Nervous?” Of course. It is 8 PM on the wall clock. Lee, Joanne, and Mandy chat. These scenes make for great foreplay.

Joanne leads Mandy back through the dressing rooms and workspace to one of the sound stages. In an unfortunate film jump, Mandy is already partially naked and holding onto a ceiling rope while Joanne, in just black teddy, spanks her standing. NuWest may have had an equipment failure, or maybe Mandy’s plumbing suddenly called, because these undressing preparations usually play an important role in these humiliation scenarios.

Many wears only a black top, a black thong, garter belt, and stockings. Joanne spanks her bare bottom, which Lee finds as he circles with his camera. Mandy squawks sweetly and Joanne is having a high old time.

Joanne leads Mandy to the OTK posture on the chair. Some giggles. Mandy is tiny enough to be dragged around. “Is it over yet?” More laughter. “Is it over yet? It’s never over!” Throughout the film, there is more banter than usual, Mandy’s voice muffled with her head low in the OTK position. she suggests maybe SHE should spank Joanne. “What a naughty thing to say. No  wonder you were sent down here.” And she doubles her spanking intensity.

They switch positions, and Lee does the spanking, trapping her legs between his. She squeals. Lee loves it when his girls “get smart”  with him. We’d point out the girls are usually not in a good bargaining position. He shows her what “mild,” “moderate,”  and “severe” mean in the spanking world. A little instruction on how to keep the buttocks in position elicits some laughter on the set.

Lee stands and pulls Mandy over his knee on a chair. She is suspended, ‘kicking and screaming.’  after a fashion. Very entertaining.

Joanne takes over again and loves Mandy’s brief resistance when she takes off her top. A low-cut black bra, a dynamic body on this “little tiny one,” as Lee called her.

Lee decides to march her around the studios, smacking her bottom; repeated by Joanne. Cute. Many back-and-forth remarks with Lee and Joanne. “I’ve had enough,” protests Mandy, but not convincingly. The film cocludes with one long minute of hard spanking from each of them. Mandy’s rousing acting, combined with her compact Playmate figure, made this film. We’re hopefull Lee got her to return, and we hope her boyfriend gave her a much-deserved workout after he saw this film.


Tears at Bedtime-Amelia Jane Rutherford – Vol 9, STRICTLYENGLISH

30 Dec

M/f; year: 2009; time: 1 hr 12 minutes

Stunning actress Amelia Jane Rutherford transforms the most mundane of schoolgirl plots, where a ‘professor’ confronts her for lazy performance, into a tour-de-force.

Ms. Rutherford reports to an appropriately graying senior gentleman. She wears a short uniform skirt and blouse. She sits and squirms as he reviews her record and begins taunting him with not-so-subtle, unladylike use of her long bare legs, with a skirt which doesn’t do the job in this chair (and low camera angles). Can we doubt she know where this guy’s interests really lie? This ‘professor Templeton’ manages to capture several other student bottoms in this STRICTLYENGLISH series.

She has plagarized an essay, been disruptive at school. She doesn’t seem to shocked to hear: “Tonight you will present your bare bottom to me.” She gets up, sitting on the floor on her haunches, attempting to rewrite the essay she cheated on. He smacks her white panties with a ruler. Amelia often excels in this posture, her flaired feminine hips squashed against her legs.

The ageplay guy gets comfortable and takes her OTK. Amelia accuses him of “setting a trap”  so this could happen. He begins to spank, slowly, caressing the glorious panties, before he tugs them down, 20 minutes into the film. He switches to a short strap. Amelia returns to the floor, knickers at her thighs, to continue on the essay. He now has bare flesh to smack.

Dissolve: the revised essay is taking shape, as is the evening’s punishment. She bends over the table she writes at, he pulls down her panties. More spanking. He sends her to her room to keep working, but she fritters away on a cell phone (how obsolete it is, only 2009!). the professor catches her and she gets the slipper on bare skin on her bed. More full screen bottom -the film is a continuous celebration of her body, and we’ve just begun.

Amelia sneaks to the kitchen past the sleeping pervert (where is she staying, his apartment? Or is he staying in her digs?)  for a bite. She is caught and spanked again.

She is sent to change, presumably into a nightie,  and goes through her suitcase. So she must be staying with him; he must be a smarmy British uncle or guardian, and this is a little end-of-term game we’ve seen in our British films. After stripping naked and flashing the most cunning little mohawk, about the size of a band aid and centered, she puts on a scandalous two-piece diaphanous leopard-print negligee, meant only for being ripped off.

She reports to ‘uncle,’ and he orders her to strip off the ‘ridiculous outfit,’ and she stands radiantly naked full-screen. She’s got a few small moles you’d like to circle with a Highlighter.

He promises her 18 strokes of the cane. Amelia covers her mouth in mock shock. 18? She bends over the back of a wood straight chair, another pose ideal for her 6’2″ frame, especially bare naked. She counts out 6 strokes for each of three offenses. She jumps and surges in pain, tears flow, makeup runs, very nice.

The camera obligingly follows her bottom as she walks naked to bed, and where she examines legitimate-looking wheals in long closeups.

Sore Loser – BUMRAP

30 Dec

F/f; year: 2003; time: 33 minutes

Lesbians and spanking;  brunette ‘Kim’ (actress Krisitin Frost) tries to get her companion ‘Maggie’ (Tasha Lee) to go to a party with her. Maggie waits up for her most of the night, and when Kim returns and throws water on Maggie in an argument, it is time for the spanking to start.

In the kitchen, over the sink for a plastic spatula on a mostly bare bttom, skirt up, Kim starts apologizing. But we need more. Kim has to crawl on the floor, urged  on by a flogger, to learn how to obey “house rules.”

Maggie changes into her dominatrix outfit. “Nowe strip….you will say ‘yes, mistress.'” The roles are clear here. Hard OTK, thong off, a big paddle, several more paddles. The girls end in a kissing embrace.


Jane and Joanne’s Punishment Whippings – NUWEST FCV-061

30 Dec

M/f; time 28 minutes

Ed Lee whips two girls on the 3 foot-long, tilted, padded horse. Joanne is chained down, her simple housedress thrown up. She wears a thong, garter belt, and stockings. Lee is whipping her elvated bottom; the chains fastening her wrists and ankles rattle. Lots of gasping, no dialogue. Joanne is released after a five-minute segment.

The first segment was filmed from a facial oblique angle, no buttocks; the scene is repeated from a rear oblique and then an overhead camera. Mostly bare cheeks, convincing whipping. She rocks the horse frame.

Jane stands beside the horse, in a short red dress. It is the best view of this clever little bondage device. Ed Lee scolds. He cuffs her wrists, slowly,  and needs to correct the placement. He taunts: “Jane’s going to get a whipping.” Jane climbs up and straddles the horse. “Back, get your ass back.” Jane wiggles back, her legs spread. This act alone will overwhelm some viewers. He fastens her wrists and ankles.

Lee adjusts the camera and instructs Jane; “Look here. We want to see you getting your whipping.” Dress up, pantyhose adjusted. This sexy fastening scene is repeated from the rear and overhead  before the whipping begins. The film concludes with “two minutes of solid whipping” on Jane’s pantyhose, accompanied by screaming and profanity.




Painful Interviews – CALSTAR

30 Dec

2F/af; year: 2002; time: 49 minutes

Office spankings, never a short supply of ideas; shaggy actor ‘Michael Dawes’  hires two smarmy girls, eventually to replace two assistants already at work. You get the feeling he has spanked the current girls to the point of boredom and wants some new blood.

The existing staff–brunette actress ‘Shaz’ and blond ‘Simon-Claire’ are in fact jealous and suspicious. Michael wants the new girls trained. “We’ll train them! Get the implements.”

The new girls, blond actress ‘Stella’ and brunette ‘Amanda Pickering,’ do poorly on some office machines and act like frauds who faked their resumes. So it’s to be spanking. “What do you mean, a handspanking?” Stella is first OTK, dress up, tight red panties covering a well-shaped promising bottom. Panties down; after some spanking, Shaz checks between her legs–she is wet. Stella goers over the desk for the oval paddle; the girls alternate–Simon-Claire hits much harder.

Shaz now turns to the cane. At least 30 strokes shown, all the good angles, lovely closeups from below and her unhappy face. The girls examine their work on her bottom with some pride and derision before she slinks off. “She’s not going to take our jobs.”

Brunette Amanda has watched and is taken OTK by Simone-Claire and spanked just moderately on her black panties. “Such a lovely ass for spanking.” Shaz suggests she hit harder and alternate cheeks. Pants down; a lot of banter among the girls. “She’s wet as well.” Beautiful perfect bottom over the desk for the paddle. Shaz sits on top of her on the desk to hold her still.

The cane. “We need you to be silient for this one.” About 30 strokes, increasing in severity. She wiggles erotically as she is held still.

This is the way it is going to be. “Every day…two weeks training…tomorrow more severe.”

Historical Whipping #5 – NUWEST FCV-51

27 Dec

F/2f; year: 1998; time: 27 minutes

Actress ‘Vanna’ gets the assignment here; she fastens a blonde to a single-pillar whipping post while a second blonde sits on a bench, apparently awaiting her turn. The girl’s wrists are manacled and fastend overhead, not terribly tight, so that sexy struggling is assured. No dialogue.

Vanna unfastens the blonde’s long dress, exposing her bare back. No bra. Vanna whips aggressively–cute writhing. Consulting our tattoo list, this might be the actrsss ‘Sandra.’ The camera checks on on the little bonde in wait–she looks suitable  anxious about what is in store for her.

The second blonde is brought out and fastened to the whipping post. Down with the top of the dress–huge boobs. Same whipping, a lot of loud crying and shouting, more frontal views to catch the bouncing boobs.

Each of these two segments is long, with repeats from various angles.





Jacque’s Climactic Whipping – NUWEST

27 Dec

MF/f; year: 1998; time: 26 minutes;

‘Vanna’  attends this time: ‘Jacque’  is ushered onto the tile-room set, where the special equipment waits. Without hesitation, Jacque strips naked, quite proud of the little mohawk she flashes and definatly eager for this challenge. Vanna cuffs her, attaches her to the overhead spreader bar and attaches a bar which between her ankles to spread her legs.

Ed Lee hovers with his whip, eager to get started. Vanna starts on Jacque’s pussy with the electric massager, still with the old-fashioned cord running to the wall socket. Lee works at her back and bottom with his whip. They’re going to play a little game, with the viewer rhe sure winner. “Oh, you’ll come. You’ll come.”  “I won’t. I won’t.”

A series of alternating scenes–massaging and whipping. Jacque still refuses to “come,’ so the scence disssolves to a naughty new posture. Jacque lies in the diaper postion on a large elevated pad, ankles and legs tied together. She isn’t going anywhere until there is resolution. Lee flogs her upturned buttocks and thighs while Vanna works at the top between her legs with the massager. And Vanna tips the scale by inserting a condom-covered dildo in this position. Jacque lets go.


27 Dec

M/3f; time:  32 minutes

Nothing like spanking and phsyical training combined; a buxom blonde faces us, in just white panties. ‘Peters,’ a male trainer is putting her through drills–touch-toes. “Pull your knickers down, right down.”

Two other girls. ‘Sara Collins’ and ‘Kara Jane Dempsey,’  join and are ordered to strip down to white panties and knee socks,  a bruentte and a long-haired blonde. Peters’ e disembodied male voice rings from Xerotics films. This is to be a “end of term workout,”  because theirs is  “not a school for fatties.” Certainly not these three.

The girls separate and begin exercises, three great girls in little white pants, and maybe a size too small. Touch-toes, backs to us; jog in place (“higher, higher!”); giggles.

“Turn around….take your knickers down…hands on your head!”  The trainer moves down the row of bottoms, smacking along.

Peters will focus on one girl at a time. KaraTis first, bend-over, touch-toes, boobs hang. He straps her in this postion, harder than we were expecting. Sara and the buxom blonde get similar treatment.

He straps all three some more, touching toes. We see here again–not all actresses can assume this athletic pose. The naked girls face us, quite full frontal, nice shaves. “What have you learned today?”

The girls are sent to an adjacent changing room, where we watch the pink flesh through frosted glass and they pull on some minimal cover-up. The girls are directed to contemplate the next phase of the lesson, which will be the cane.

The girls drop their panties and take about 10 strokes each, not hard, but colorful. This film is mostly a showcase for three naked models.





The Dungeon Vol 1 – REALSPANKINGS

27 Dec

M/f;  time: 1 hr, 12 minutes

Dungeon vignettes; a rather playful attempt to create the B&D dungeon environment, a simple vehicle to lay a few colorful spankings on some of RealSpankingsInstitute’s best-known actresses. ‘Mr. Daniels’  brings RSI girls ‘Jasmine’  and ‘Claire’ to a cellar-like dungeon. Spankings carried out in musty, dank, cellars always appeal to us, the stairway down having the same effect as the steps on a scaffold.

The girls wear black bras, black thongs, and stockings. There need be no particular plot here, just the opportunity to enjoy these  actresses put through RSI paces in a torture chamber setting. Claire, a light brunette; and Jasmine, a curly brunette, are spanked with the big floppy strap/paddle unique to RSI, then several types of canes. Daniels has them take off their bras, suck each others’  nipples, and he has a go himself. The girls wear only matching thongs.

He duct-tapes a raised arm from each of them and strings up  their outer arms, then flogs their bare backs and spanks more with the floppy strap. Bizarre games in the basement. He has the girls masturbate before the festivities conclude. The girls kiss, caress, and check each others’  bottoms.

In a new dungeon scene, blonde ‘Sarah’  is strung up and made to bend forward, wearing just a sleeveless top, a thong, and stockings. Actress ‘Kailee’ will spank, paddle, and crop her, removing the thong, and rucking up her top to tweak her nipples. Lesbian embraces–both girls are into it.

In the next episode, now it is Kailee who is strung up, wearing just a minimal thong. Michael Masterson has the duty and works her front and back with whips and floggers. He turns her back and bottom a rosy red, and seems to elicit real tears and a red face.

‘Lori’ is identified as the final dungeon plaything. She is tied naked to a table, breasts bound and constricted and turning B&D-purple. Her legs are pulled up into the diaper postion; she is spanked, caned, and paddled to all colors of bruises and wheals. She gets the ball-gag when she can’t control herself. Very unhappy and very erotic.

Heather’s Little Girl – NUWEST DLX-001

27 Dec

F/m; time: 20 minutes

More ‘John and Heather’  petticoat punishment with  the amateur touch; older Heather makes younger John put on female clothes. She is at least 6″ taller than him, but he has his own attributes.

Heather has caught him looking up girls’ skirts, so he is going to be taught a lesson. He strips naked, keeply his back to us, for the surprise to come later. Heather returns with panties and stockings for him, and she has her paddle. She helps him struggle on with the panties, because his erection is well underway. OTK for a paddling. he squawks and kicks.

Another room in the house, John wears a dress. Over the chair for “six strokes…count them.”

Dissolve to the kitchen: John now wears a negligee and soon must strip to panties for his around-the-house spanking session.