Girls Boarding School – Assorted

2 Dec

“Detention Room (M/f; time: 11 minutes): A male GBS staffer rents space through a real estate agent; he needs some space for disciplinary purposes. Tall brunette ‘Angie’ knocks and enters. She wears a ridiculous pink-and-white punk outfit, top and striped bell-bottom pants. “What on earth are you wearing?”

OTK she goes, the spanking starts. “Ow, that hurts.” which is of course the idea. The disciplinarian has her drop her bell-bottoms and remove the tiny bikini panties. Very nice. Puss shots. Little screams. Angie must stand on a table, hands-on-head. bare bottom in closeup. She will learn the dress code by tomorrow or it’s another spanking.

‘Jane-Person Records’ (M/f; time: 7 minutes) Jane has lifted a laptop from a staff member and been caught. Surveillance everywhere. She hacks in and changes her grades.

The master is going to spank her for it with three implements times six strokes for each of the three changes she made. A rugbeater, paddle, and cane.

The film suddenly jumps. Jane is naked now, getting a significant beating with the cane. Lots of results obvious.

‘Julia-Fully Nude’ (M/f; time: 4 minutes) Cute brunette ‘Julia’ has been at the Girls Boarding School for a time now, but headmaster ‘Tom’ tells her she is still behaving like a little girl. He will take his attentions to another level.

“Take your clothes off, all of them, and do it now.” A faint emotion of protest passes across Julia’s face, but she pulls off her top, unbuttons her skirt, drops a little thong, and finally her white bra. If Julia like to be naked with boys, she can be naked with him.

She sits at his table, shrinking and bare, then OTK for a moderate, conventional handspanking, then corner time.

‘Keagan Tied and Caned–Her Last Chance’ (M/f; 12 minutes) A story line a bit out of the schoolgirl theme. Brunette Keagan signed a contract to make films at GBS, with a stipulation of no alcohol or illegal substances during the work. She was caught having a few drinks in a lounge in the building.

In lieu of termination of the contract, Keagan is offered ‘a real life caning,’ to be filmed, which means no ‘safe words’ and the caning intensity under the exclusive control of the producer. “I want to make films. I’ll take the caning.”

FADE. Keagan is splayed face down on a bed, naked from the waist down, her ankles and wrists fastened to the bed legs by straps, pillows under her hips elevate her bottom. Tom wants her to turn her head to face the camera.

He begins caning, quite hard. Over twenty strokes of the cane are shown. Squeals from the first. Keagan ,must count down from 10 for the last half.

‘Where Is Your School Uniform? Becky’ (M/f; 11 minutes): Tall, ponytailed, brunette ‘Becky’  is off to a spanking start, having violated school uniform rules In a scene cut, we hear the sounds of anguishd cries coming from behind a door marked “Detention Room.”

A GBS male staffer is going to discipline Becky. She kneels on the floor, elbows on a glass table, for the strap, first on her skirt. Handspanking on the bare. Typical perfect GBS camera detail.

She is left whimpering on the floor.

‘Don’t Touch the Computer’ (M/f; 11 minutes); brunette new resident ‘Bridgett’ finds Mr. Lewis’  laptop, helps herself to access, surfs away, reformats it, etc. Lewis catches her, is furious at the damage, and of course we know what the consequences are here at Girls’ Boarding School.

The screen dissolves to that closed door identified as the “Detention Room,” from which emanates the anguished cries of a girl being caned or strapped, one of the best portrayals we can recall of the “behind closed doors” spanking fantasy. We presume this is what is going to or could happen to Bridgett if she were sent to this room.

Lewis will paddle Bridgett on the spot. She kneels on a chair, gets the paddle on full white panties and then he pulls them down to continue on the bare. She soon has a fully-inflamed, virtually engulfed bottom, quite astonishing.

She stands, bends over and, “lock your hands behind your knees” for 6 more, followed by “touch your toes….six more.” Here is one of the reddest bottoms you will find outside of Eastern Europe (and an excited pussy, we think).

‘The Evening Gown’ (M/f; time: 9 minutes) brunette ‘new resident’ Amber must have misunderstood some policies. One of the GBS faculty staff, ‘Mr. Lewis,’ enters her room, says a “boy is calling downstairs,” and is surprised to see her in the sexiest of black evening gowns, with a spaghetti strap bare back.

It seems she is not permitted to go out on Saturday nights. “Do you know what this means?….the cane.” Amber bends over a glass coffee table, dress up, and is caned on her black pantyhose. She bits into her arm in pain. Great facials.

When Lewis lowers her pantyhose, there is already an admirable array of welts and wheals to inspect. Great closeups. No one could afford a cosmetician to fake this. A few more cane strokes grabbing ankles. Great stuff.

‘$30,000 Lost’ (M/f; 17 minutes): A blond student turns away a male visitor at the door, trying to pay a call at GBS. He calls Headmaster Tom on his cell phone from outside, furious, withdrawing the business transaction they were cementing.

Tom confronts the blonde and scolds her. No deeds go unpunished here at GBS. Soon she is bent over a table, wearing a long athletic jersey (only?)–cute. She is made to wait, and wait.

“Here we go, young lady, 30 strokes a day, three times a day, until I have the contract.” We see the first 30 strokes of the cane, very hard and erotic, after each one she repeats an apology. She will return that evening for 30 more. Tom lets his business friend hear her whimpering on the phone. Surely he will let a few days pass before he remakes his deal.

‘Lost Files 2-Linda’ (time: 7 minutes) Headmaster Tom had required Linda to clean her room. “I think I’ll whip you. You will obey in the future. Get off your clothes.” After all, this is a sort of reform school for girls. Little things mean a lot.

The cute blonde strips naked, and for a change, we have a model with a clear bottom. Tom shows her his Spencer paddle. First, a warmup with a handspanking. Then the very big paddle, and a cane. Usual wonderful closeups and some fuzz.

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