2 Dec

More wonderful little indoctrinations of new models at ‘Girls Boarding School’

‘Jodie, Our New Resident‘ (M/f; 11 minutes): The headmaster is frustrated when ‘Jodie’ keeps ringing the intercom but can’t figure out how to get into the house. After a few attempts, he drags her in himself. An angry Head means trouble at this place. Jodie is a small, demure, shy Asian, here wearing a simple brown sweater and slacks.

He demands her full name and where she came from. She remains mute, so over his lap she goes. A standard handspanking, then “Get off your trousers,” yes–that quote is correct. He spanks on her black knickers; she puts up the traditional little struggle when he tugs them down.

She is cornered, then ordered to face us, and forced to remove her hands from covering herself. Simple presentation, but excellent humiliation.

Jodie’s First Caning‘ (M/f; 9 minutes): Asian Jodie still won’t give up her full name or her place of origin, so the master will escalate the interrogation with the cane. She drops her gray slacks, pulls down white panties, and puts her hands on a chair. Her bottom shows faint redness. We’ll go with the theater that a girl gets spanked very often at this school.

The master lays on 20 moderate strokes. Jodie twitches delightfully  when the master’s cane touches her bare skin between strokes. She is left for the GBS contemplation period, checks her bottom for damage, and sits very carefully on the chair.

Kelly Stevens‘ (M/f; 30 minutes): Girls in the neighborhood of ‘Girls Boarding School’ facility should know better; ‘Kelly Stevens’  is caught on-camera drawing graffiti on the GBS main gate;  she drops her bag when she is scared off, Headmaster Tom tracks her down through her ID cards and demands she come back to the school or he calls the police. In addition to the depiction of great spankings, this company takes care to establish plot.

“We specialize in punishment here.” Kelly returns–a small frosted blonde in sleeveless top and toreador pants. Tom drags her in and has her OTK immediately. When she removes her slacks, she is not wearing panties.  What was she thinking? Cornered, bare bottom, while Tom gets his cane. Top and bra off, naked but for flip-flops. “Bend over the chair…spread your legs.” About 20 strokes, immediate gasps. Kelly struggles to come up with the “thank you, sir’ requirement.

Tom notes there is “still lots of free space” on her buttocks. GBS always has inventive and revealing camera angles. Kelly is bent over far enough we can watch her face as she is caned, and there are her goodies too. Lots of nudity and embarrasment to conclude. She must go out to the gate and scrub off the graffiti, without her pants.

New Resident Lisa Part 2‘ (M/f; 8 minutes): ‘Lisa’ stuns with her blue-eyed, brunette pigtailed beauty and innocence. How did she get to GBS? She crouches fully dressed in the corner of a bare room, awaiting punishment from the master. The master arrives, shows her his strap, knows she was involved with ‘Gina.’ “Too late for sorry’s now.”

He escorts her out the door and has her bend over a railing in the hall, a great posture which will frame her bottom in the doorway and provide angles from downstairs up to her face. The master wants her cries heard downstairs to other students, and she obliges, squealing at the first belt shot on her jeans. She follows orders and drops her jeans and panties. Facials from below  also catch a bit of fuzz between her legs.

The master shifts to a much larger floppy leather strap, one of the largest we have seen and which covers most of both cheeks. These whacks bring tears. To the corner, hands-on-head, “for the next few hours.”

‘New Resident-Lottie’ (M/f; time: 22 minutes) Lottie Kinsade, maybe earlier than her many appearances later with the XEROTICS distributions. The famous CP models who stopped off at Majorca, such as Kaylee Robinson, Amelia Jane Rutherford, Pandora Blake, Abigail Whittaker, among others, were usually just starting out.

Lottie wears her characteristic flannel top here. The scone opens with a shot of a table full of spanking implements. She hands her records to a male disciplinarian. She is ordered to change into the school uniform, which does while preserving modesty which will be irrelevant in future, The supervisor decides he wants blouse off, no bra, her breasts shine in the lighting. He begins some OTK, and the strap, the welcome. Rather mild for a new girl.

New Resident Samantha‘ (M/f; time:14 minutes) Headmaster Tom will deal with two girls. New girl Samantha is with a more experienced student, who should know better. In a sitting area, when they are alone, the girls help themselves to some wine from a cabinet.

Of course they are caught, and Tom will take this opportunity to give Samantha her first spanking. OTK on her little white shorts, she kicks and struggles more than normal for the girls at GBS.

Tom introduces Samantha to the humiliation process–she has to drop her shorts and pull down her G-string. She is cornered, bare bottom, while Tom gets his canes. He will use a thick cane, only moderate strokes here, welts. Back to the corner. The girls hug.

New Resident Taylor‘ (MF/f; time: 23 minutes): a longer film; headmaster Tom calls his friend at a pizza parlor, Luigi, and orders a home delivery. ‘Taylor, a hot looking girl in jeans and cutoff T-shirt, arrives and works her way through iron-gate security to the mansion to deliver. The tiny-looking pizza is cold and the wrong order. Taylor is chased away, and the camera follows her jeans bottom as she sashays off, the shape of things to come. The guy calls Luigi and lodges a complaint.

“30 minutes later”: Talor returns, but is seen spitting on the new pizza in the driveway by Maria. Delivery completed, she is confronted on her way out and dragged back in and wrestled OTK. With her in position, Tom phone Luigi and obtains permission to do what has to be done.

“Taylor…get off your trousers.” OTK, her bottom is bare but for a G-string; he calls out to Maria to bring the canes, “thick ones!”

Taylor is made to bend over a chair and her G-string comes off, meanlingless but symbolic. She gets about 15 strokes, is allowed to rub at 5, hands-on-knees for the next 5, and then touch-toes for a few. For the last few, she bends almost double, locking her hands behind her ankles–the most revealing so far and very vulnerable.

This brief exercise ends as she kneels up on a piano bench, head very low, bottom high, closeup views. Very sexy. Canings were moderate, but positioning was erotic and varied.

Welcome  Amelie’ (M/f; 8 minutes) A cute blond girl sneaks into an office and takes a book from behind a clock. A male supervisor intercepts her, searches her and finds the book, and she is quickly OTK  for a hard and loud handspanking on her jeans.

She gets up, very red face, and down with the jeans. More spanking on purple bikini pants; she struggles to prevent him pulling them down. He has to pin her kicking legs with his. Into the corner, bare bottom, nice spanking.

‘New Resident Dana‘ (M/f; 19 minutes): Another long segment; Dana runs around the grounds of the school, trying to escape, and hooks up with a friend. Both lovely girls are coffee-colored mulattos. The master watches these machinations and corrals them when they can’t open the big iron front gate to the drive.

Back to the house, for everybody’s-knows-what. He takes the very tall Dana OTK, still fully clothed. The second girl watches. Dana drops her pants to display a little red thong. Her companion is ordered to remove her own pants and panties and stand facing the wall.

After this first handspanking session, the master gets his cane. Dana takes about a dozen strokes, hands-on-couch, then a dozen more, touching toes. She is so tall, the latter position puts her bottom waist-high for the master. To the wall, rubbing, consoling, and surely sequels.

New Resident Natascha‘ (M/f; 5 minutes): A demure dark blonde in gray pinafore school uniform, seems to hide behind a language barrier and won’t speak. The master has her file–19 years old, referred here for “major crimes,” and “Oh my God, Russian.”

He calls in another girl, ‘Dana,’ who demonstrates dog-like obedience reponses to his commands, so Natascha can see how it’s done. We’ll see her knickers elsewhere in the GBS film library.

New Resident Pauline‘ (M/f; 15 minutes): Much of this longer episode is devoted to talk. Newbie Paulina (model ‘Pandora Blake’ learning the strokes  at the beginning of her still ongoing CP career) has run up a big cell phone bill calling a boy in Australia, giving the master the excuse he needs. Tall, redheaded Paulina ran up  a $1438 bill and sweetly retrieves all she has, $150.  “You want to pay with your bare bottom?”

She clears furniture. “Trousers down, panties down!” The master wonders “how many strokes” this bill is worth. One look at  Paulina, we wanted to shout ‘one-for-one.’ She bends naked, rare perfect gluteal dimples, 12 strokes. Viva pale Irish skin! 6 with a second cane. She keeps her hair off her face for us.

Then an erotic twist we love, she must call her boyfriend, who listens to her squealing under more cane strokes that she won’t  be calling any more. Another naughty posture to conclude, kneeling on a low armchair, bent far over, head to the floor, bottom highest. 2 more crackers.

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