Julia Whipped! – NUWEST FCV-089

2 Dec

M/f; time: 25 minutes

Very early Julia Jameson, glorious; Julia and Ed Lee drive at night; he teases and videotapes her as she drives. “Julia’s going to get her ass whipped,” Lee singsongs. They are headed to the NuWest studio where Lee will fulfill Julia’s desire for a whipping. She says she is having a hard time “getting off” while he tapes her. He pulls her skirt up as she drives, another of a hundred examples of how Lee actualizes the many sexual fantasies we have had.

In the studio, Lee puts on background music. A svelte glamorous nail is Julia! Blue dress, heels. He will tape her whipping and another cameraman will tape them together. She raises her dress to display her black bikini panties. She starts with a bend-over–Lee whips her on her dress. He has his single malt Scotch.

“Lift our skirt, schoolgirl fashion,” and he instructs her to look into the camera. She is instructed to pull her panties down slowly, so nice, and it is one of the first of many memorable moments from Julia. Whipping on the bare bottom.

Ed sits voyeur style. She pulls her dress over her head. He wants her to twirl, “slowly….that’s not slowly!” for his camera. Hands-on-head, the whipping continues. He wants her to balance on one foot or the other.

After a FADE, Julia has been strung up  to the ceiling rope; her thong/panties are at her ankles and her full pubic patch blinks at us. He gets her screaming with his dogwhip routine, walking in from swinging misses to flicks to full hits.

Another scene change: Julia kneels on the floor and leans on a chair for the whip. Lee loves submissive poses. He does another walk-in whipping. She collapses in pain and ecstasy.

FADE: she is strung up by the ankles, the diaper pose. She supports her hips with her hands . More whipping.

For the final pose: “OK sugar, I’m going to hang you up for the finale.” Strung up again, she bounces her bare bottom to the studio music. Nice. Her bra has remained on throughout. She gives us another full frontal as they embrace at the conclusion.

3 Responses to “Julia Whipped! – NUWEST FCV-089”

  1. George November 15, 2018 at 7:12 pm #

    I have a copy of the movie you are reviewing here (Dec. 2, 2013). It has a title card reading ‘Julia Whipped’, it runs 25:10, it opens in a car just as you describe and Ed has brown hair. My information is that this movie is NWV-200 and the website gives the name as ‘Julia’s First Whipping Session’ even though the title card is clearly different.

    I also have a copy of FCV-089; the title card on this move reads ‘Julia Horsewhipped’ although the title on the Nu-West website is just ‘Horsewhipped’. It runs 21:09 and Ed has gray hair so the two are obviously made 20 years or so apart. You reviewed ‘Julia Horsewhipped’ on July 22, 2016.

    • spankingfilmreview November 16, 2018 at 7:05 pm #

      Thanks. Enjoyable report from the NW Smithsonian. We surely agree NW was terrible at archiving, and even spelling and punctuation.Part of the unintended humor of the whole scene.

      • spankingfilmreview November 16, 2018 at 7:08 pm #

        We think we have reviewed about 1000 NW films, and we seem to be down now to the weird F/m variety. No figuring what is missing or why.

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