Spanking and Shame -Collection #2

3 Dec

When we subscribed to this now-defunct  site, we neglected to record most of the film titles, so we will make our own.

1.(Blackboard Spankings, M/f; 24 minutes) Doctor ‘Tom’ inspects an average-looking small curly haired brunette in the classroom setting. One of the major erotic components of this series is that the girls do not appear to be actresses, but normal working females. The brunette wears jeans, shirt, and sneakers.

Tom inspects her and she fidgets, nervous. He draws a geometry problem on the blackboard and smacks her jeans when she apparently can’t  find the solution. He takes her OTK for a brief spanking.

She starts to strip, sneakers off, jeans lowered, more spanking, black bikini panties showing. The humiliation is gradual. Jeans off. While she stands at the blackboard, Tom inches her panties down, like he does. She faces us, hands-on-head, completely shaved. Tom slaps her bald spot.

2.(Blackboard spankings-2 girls; M/2f; 39 minutes) In the classroom setting, a plausible older male actor confronts two brunettes, who fidget in front of the blackboard. The instructor sketches a parallelogram on the board. You want to shout answers to the girls, but on second thought, we realize what is going to happen to them is more fun. Since the girls must fail (we don’t understand the French):

The instructor wrestles the curly brunette OTK and gradually helps her to begin removing clothing. Top, little dress over jeans, jeans down, pantyhose off, down to just a purple thong. She resists but lets it happen. The second brunette begins to undress–for some reason the girls have occasional fits of snickering. This lady wears a very naughty matching bra and thong.

Both girls’ bottoms are red from their little OTK sessions. They stand in from of the geometry in their undies. The instructor teases with a ruler, soon works their thongs down and takes off their bras. Both girls are shaved.

The naked classroom humiliation continues. The guy takes handfuls of breasts, they kneel on the floor to show us their dirty feet. Occasional laughter. The guy helps himself to both buttocks, spreading their cheeks and probing between their legs.

3.(Blackboard Spankings-more; two girls in plaid; M/2f; time :47 minutes) Two brunettes in white blouses and plaid school skirts, like the other films, stand in front of the classroom blackboard and struggle with geometry. These two girls are stricken with the giggles, and their punishment never quite cures the problem. And they will have a need to look at the camera crew from time to time.

The same male teacher, very official in tie, coat, briefcase, scolds the girls, then begins humiliating them, each in turn. The first girl is taken OTK, the teacher gets her panties down very quickly, and during her spanking he works a finger into her anus. She stands, removes her skirt and knickers completely, and goes naked to the blackboard.

The second brunette is now spanked and gets the same finger probe. When she stands to remove her blouse and skirt, she doesn’t know exactly how to unfasten the skirt provided by the costume department. When she hands over her flowered bra, the guy dials her nipples. He helps her off with her matching panties, not much work, and she takes her shiny red bottom to the blackboard.

The girls sit side by side on a uncomfortable two-student school desk, its seat so narrow that most of their buttocks’ hang over. Nice. The girls then climb onto a table, kneel, spread their knees, and the teacher spanks, probes, torments, pries their cheeks apart, and generally invades them.

4. (Blonde Fuck, M/f; 25 minutes) Doctor Tom shakes hands to make introduction with a young blonde who stands before him in the studio–she wears jeans and a bare midriff top. Tom talks her into undressing–we don’t know his leverage because of the language barrier.

Top off, jeans off, she twists away in embarrassment. In just bra and panties, she must exercise on a tiny stair machine, a wonderful little device we are surprised is not used more often in CP films for its enhancement of the bottom and breasts without visual interference. Tom works off her bra and teases at her panties. The blonde tries to cover up.

Tom takes out his penis–he has taken his medicine for today and is huge. The girl knows what is coming but won’t look. He gets her to reach behind and stroke him, which she does without too much surprise or hesitation. She should have been surprised.

Tom takes her OTK and begins spanking and working her panties down in a long scene of mild struggling. She stands, facing us, and herself drops her panties, hands-on-head, and twirls. Whatever obligation she has, she has surrendered to it. Tom has his erection out again, gets her bent over in front of him, puts on a condom, and begins a gentle fuck. Her puts her on his lap–she is speared, and she does the work. Some doggie-style on the floor before she is sent naked to the corner.

5.(Frizzy brunette in gym, M/f, 37 minutes): A frizzy brunette, in skirt and top, stands in front of ‘Tom’  on an exercise mat. He wears his swetpants ans sleeveless shirt, and this girl is about to have a bad day. She looks shy enough to convicne us she is clueless. Tom begins fondling and smacking her bottom when he can reach it.

He gets her to take off her skirt to expose white bikini panties and he pulls off her top to show her white bra. He makes her jog on the mat. He grabs here and there, off with the bra–morejogging and jiggle. He keeps eyeing her panties.

He takes her over his knee, while seated on a high stool, so that she is suspended, and flails delightfully as he spanks. He never spanks hard in any of these films, which are mostly about the humiliation, the relectatn undressing being the best part for us. At this point her gets the panties off-she does a nice job of being embarrassed; and we see  one of those bikini suntans from the 1970’s or so.

Back OTK, he spreads her cheeks and inserts a finger in her anus, and she is not liking it, but she is the only one. After some simple nude exercises on the mat, the time has arrived. Tom takes his penis, very erect, out and she begins a handjob. If she is not impressed, she should be.

He does not orgasm (they might have made films all day long). She lies on the stool to do the naked swimming motion, then some whipping over a low hassock, and the concluding humiliation. She faces us at the wall, hands-on-head, buck naked.

6.(Medical examination; M/f; 29 minutes): Doctor ‘Tom’ has a sweet brunette in his medical room; fortunately we purchased the remaining titles from this website before it disappeared. Did someone get busted for these naughty stories? The girl is quite nervous. She stands centered on a little red rug where Tom fondles and twirls her in his tormenting style. She wears a top, jeans, and ponytail. Like other actresses in these roles,she is very good at not making eye contact with the doctor.

She steps behind a screen, naughtily positioned so that we can watch her undress but Doctor Tom must wait. Top off and shoes off, then she comes out and into Tom’s clutches. His hands explore, he works her bra off and fondles her boobs, taking a long time. The girl certainly convinces us she wishes she were someplace else.

Tom has her remove her jeans, down to full black panties. After a little stethoscope exploring, an insidious instrument in the hands of someone with ulterior interest, Tom begins a mild handspanking, seated on his exam table. He gradually works her panties down. She resists but it doesn’t help.

Probing, frigging. She is helpless. She must kneel on the table, knees spread, for a tawsing and strapping, before she has to display herself, hands-on-head, at the wall. The girl gets off lightly compared to others, if you read more.

7.(‘Two Girls at the Blackboard’) M/2f; 20 minutes: Two blond girls at the blackboard in the schoolroom setting; confronted by ‘Tom.’  and not looking too happy about it.

The tall blonde is handled first; he works some of her clothes off except for a bra, spanks her OTK, and twirls her partly naked like the trophy she is.

The second blonde is similarly handled; Tom takes off the girls’ bras and handles four boobs.

Both are spanked, panties down. Gradual stripping and tormenting. Both kneel up on a table, bare bottoms high, dirty bare feet on display. He torments and whips his prizes.

8.(Dr. Tom, nude exam) M/f; 47 minutes: A tall brunette, very stylishly dressed for this series,  stands in front of a gyno table and takes off her jacket. Tom puts on his medical smock. He examines the girl and rotates her slowly.

First piece of clothing to come off is a silk-looking blouse, exposing a white bra. The girl is not fighting back. He helps her off with the bra and then helps himself to her small but perfect breasts. There is a trace of a smile from her,  maybe because the dialogue, in French, is corny.

The girl sits on a stool and Tom works with the stethoscope. He smacks her bottom over her skirt when the opportunity presents itself. She stands and willingly drops her very expensive-looking skirt. She is down now to cute white boyshorts over nude pantyhose. She looks at the camera, very much, we thought, to see if we are getting what we came for. Groping. slapping.

She pulls her panties down, then rolls the pantyhose to her thighs. Pink buttocks-more slapping, fondling, twirling. She kicks off her fancy heels and Tom begins to nudge her toward the gyno table. First he measures her height, against the wall, one of those measuring bars at the top of head–a long frontal of a tended pubic patch.

Finally, the brunette lies on the table, Tom peels off her pantyhose, spreads her knees, and begins to pry her open. There is a short shaving scene, sexy and submissive, until she is bald-naked. Feet into the stirrups–we get the full scene.

Tom assists her into more of the diaper position, exposing her anus for a rectal thermometer. The girl is willing the whole time. And last, Tom sits on the table and spanks the naked brunette.

To conclude, she stands naked on the little red circular rug the girls in these films usually end up on. More frigging, probing. she stands hands-on-head while Tom completes his paperwork.

9.(Dr. Tom, medical sex) M/f; One of the more aggressive films in the series we have seen-Dr Tome goes all the way. A brunette stands alone on the medical set. She examines some ot the gyno instruments. She wears a conservative black dress and eyeglasses. Dr. Tom comes on the scene. The girl hangs her head, and in this film, she will have good reason to  expect embarrassment. He begins his twirling inspection.

He takes her over his lap suddenly, while sitting on a stool, ecliciting a squeal. Skirt up, full beige transparent panties on a big feminine bottom. She removes the panties herself and he keeps up a steady spanking and probing.

She pulls her dress over her head, Tom helps with the bra, and she keeps hanging her head. Tom drops his warmup pants–he has a huge erection. The brunette is encouraged to reach behind her and stroke him–it must have shocked and thrilled her, because soon both her hands are busy.

She lies on her back on the gyno table–spread legs, groping, spanking. Tom, stands at the foot of the table and rubs his penis between her bare feet.

She gets a stool from behind the privacy screen, Tom positions her bent-over, spreads her thighs, and commences to fuck her doggie style, filmed from above. She works in concert.

10. (A ‘limbo girl’ (M/f; time: 35 minutes) One of the ‘Spanking and Shame’ crew greets a thin brunette, in green cardigan, kilt, and sneakers, the gym setup. She looks less sanguine than most girls we see in this series in this chilling circumstance.

The guy grabs her OTK, sits on a table, and begins spanking her on black panties and pantyhose. She struggles here and will do so throughout the film, more than most of the girls. Very sexy. The guy manipulates her, picking at her clothes.

He works down her kilt, she struggles even more. Cardigan off, yellow top off, she looks liked she is in tears. She kicks off her shoes and is now in desperate condition–bra, panties, and pantyhose, and things are going downhill. He has her do some exercises on a mat, then works down her pantyhose.

Bend-over, groping, spanking, panties bunched. OTK on a stool, she is suspended and helpless as he finally removes the panties. Her bottom is already red after all this, as is her face. Long teasing spanking.

She stands facing us, legs spread, he slaps her pussy. Hands-on-head, tears.

To conclude, an exercise we are surprised we haven’t seen more of. The guy makes her crawl, stark naked, under a limbo bar he keeps lowering, of course. He paddles and smacks her with a martinet as the target is available. The film concludes with her naked at the wall, legs spread, on tiptoe, hands on head.

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