Harlots’ Humiliation – CALSTAR

4 Dec

MF/2f; year: 1998; time: 42 minutes

Hired girls learn about spanking; standard fare from CalStar, filmed in one scene–looks like someone’s tacky unremodeled recreation room/bar. An older guy from the CalStar dorm complains to the Madame of a bordello that the girls he hired, Lucy and Mary, will not let him spank them. Well, she will fix that for him, and for us. Some weak acting and awkward staging are made up for by rousing canings.

The girls are summoned and scolded about not understanding how to be submissive. Also, they pocket a good portion of the bordello fee. “Maybe I can train you on how to be properly submissive.” The Madame, an attractive older blonde, offers them the choice–take a spanking or walk out. With insufficient reluctance, Lucy steps forward to go first. The John is going to hang around and join in.

Lucy, an attractive brunette with longish frosted hair, settles OTK for the Madame, her skirt up to show nicely fitted black satin panties. An average handspanking–“See how red it’s getting? This is what the client wants to see.” Pants down. The John watches, sitting by her face, because the director could not figure out how to have him observe her bottom without blocking the shot.

Lucy returns to watch and Mary takes her place. Another brunette, actress ‘Amanda Pickering,’ is much more skillful at communicating she is not too keen about turning up her bottom for these people. OTK, pale blue panties, another solid spankable bottom. The John comes over to take a close look. He helps the Madame ease her panties down, and takes a few whacks with a paddle himself. Madame: “Very promising, aren’t they?” Yes, both girls offer good potential, getting us past the awkward acting. Mary is the first to bend over the bar stool.

Lucy, watching, returns, over the stool, which is just high enough to accent the charms of these two tall and willowy girls. Madame takes up the soft oval paddle, the John pulls her pants down again. The Madame explains to the girls: “We have dominant men in here from all over the country.”

The Madame brushes back her hair with the paddle as Lucy remains arched glamorously over the stool. Moderate paddling, intensity increasing.

Lucy returns to the wall bench to watch, Mary bends over for the same paddling.

Ratchet up the dial. “Lucy, will you undress?” She strips slowly, without embarrassment. “Lovely body, hasn’t she?” True enough–thin, unenhanced, just a trace of shyness as she stands naked in the group. Over the stool again for the stiff leather slapper–which produces some gasps. A large tawse gets some cries and Lucy actually jumps up, seemingly off-script, so the Madame returns to the slapper. And finally the large round stiffened leather paddle. the Madame and the John enjoy Mary’s unhappy face. Camera angles are lovely and seductive of the naked Ms. Lucy.

Mary. watching, now steps forward and strips off her clothes. Equally lovely, a soft little bush shows, over the stool for the same paddling. The John teases her naked body with the slapper.

Lucy sits watching, naked with legs crossed, smoking a cigarette, in the rec room, as if she were waiting her turn to shoot pool. A good portion of the action in this film is directed toward the teasing and humiliation of the girls, who handle it well, in that being naked is their occupation.

The Madame brandishes the cane in the prototypical manner. The two girls don’t seem concerned;  Lucy is next. The Madame taps the bench–“Bend over here, right over.” There follow 9 slow strokes, no repeats, with long delays for fondling and feeling between strokes. Lucy seems genuinely uncomfortable and is given time to settle down between strokes.

Mary comes out next and slides her bottom higher on the stool and grabs the legs with her hands, very dramatic and erotic. She receives the same 9 slow strokes, with similar stoic discomfort. She gets up but then goes over for one more stroke, after which Lucy bends over beside her for the traditional bare bottom comparison. The John gets to cream their bottoms. The cane marks show clearly in the oblique, high and low. The most boring of formats, yet effective convincing punishment.

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