Class of ’99 – CALSTAR

5 Dec

F/2f; year: 2000; time: 51 minutes

Two  episodes: ‘Fiona Walsh,’  a blond schoolgirl, sits at a drafting table. doing some artwork which impresses her teacher, hovering nearby. The teacher has pulled-back hair, glasses, and severity of dress we’ve learned in CP films makes her someone to be careful about.

In no time, a stolen watch is found in Fiona’s locker, search-and-seizure laws not pertaining here. Fiona is accused and told to report to the very same art teacher. “You’re here to be disciplined…you’re going to take the cane.” Fiona protests innocence, but that has never mattered before. Fiona finds herself positioned, very slowly, OTK. Pleated skirt up, handspanking on blue panties, then down they come.

“Remove your skirt.” Hands on chair, “This is the strap…count these for me.” Things are spiraling out of control for Fiona. The spanking is not hard, but she is wiping her eyes when she gets up. She bends again for the stiff leather spanker.

She is directed to take off her shirt and is down to just a sort of bra/garter item, no pants. She still denies. “Have you ever had the cane before?” “No, miss.” The teacher starts her off with about 16 strokes, before they stop to allow her to take off her bra. She is now naked and gets a full 30 strokes, repeats undoubtedly, but well-filmed and exciting. Fiona is quiet, stoic, and brave. She should join the foreign service. Her bottom is a  bumpy rumpled sight. She is cornered, quite naked.

You know it’s coming. The actor ‘Michael Dawes’ enters. They have found the thief. The same plot was used in RedStripe’s ‘Sorry Miss,’ where the poor falsely accused girl would have been caned to oblivion, had not the teacher interrupted the session. In both cases, it certainly seems there is always some redeeming good which comes from caning a schoolgirl, no matter the reason or lack thereof.

In the second episode, ‘Jenkins,’ a short compact blonde, is caught in the school’s Boy’s bathroom by Dawes, and is sent to report to the Headmistress, the very same caning teacher seen in the first episode.

Since “detentions are not having any effect” on Jenkins, the spanking chair is moved into position, in the well-furnished office. OTK, blue pants down, the camera uses our much admired shot of handspanks falling over the spanker’s shoulder. The Headmistress does not neglect her thighs.

After some corner time, Jenkins is bent over the desk for the strap. She jumps up periodically, and gets her palms strapped for it, which seems silly. Back over the desk would be our remedy. To Jenkins: “Into the staff room. It should be empty. I  need more swinging room.” She has gathered her implements and instructs Jenkins to strip to her underwear.

Jenkins actually has the temerity to ask: “Is it normal to be naked for a caning?” She is down to just blue panties, shrinking against a wall, and as cute as the proverbial button. The Headmistress spanks her with a small spatula-paddle before she tugs the knickers down and reaches for the cane.

Jenkins jerks the pants back up–foolish child-and gets the first two strokes on the blue cloth. Then touch-toes, some fussing to get the position right, then 8 more cracks on her pants. The Headmistress pulls down the regulation knickers at 9 and lays on 30+ strokes. Rapid strokes, repeats from various angles. Jenkins is a real keeper, in the nude bent over as she is. We hope whatever she was doing in the Boys’ Room she tries again.

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