Potpourri #3 – NUWEST NWV-154

5 Dec

year: 1989; time: 25 minutes

Four rectal thermometer episodes, called “Nurses” in a “Special”; NU-WEST  describes the scenes as four naughty schoolgirls getting spankings after rectal temperatures prove no illness. Sounds good to us. Line up in the hall, girls. The NU-WEST cast, all young, thin, lithe, surprising.

The first episode finds a young and delightfully chubby blonde (is this ‘Peaches’?) already completely naked on the lap of a fully uniformed nurse. The nurse does the rubber gloves routine, lubes the girl’s anus, and inserts the thermometer, although the camera angle disguises the detail, possibly because this is 1989. The blonde squeaks and wiggles appropriately.

 Another sexy school nurse; this time the student is little blond ‘Katie,’  very early in her career, and she doesn’t get the featured camera treatment which came later. Nurse ‘Joanne Jameson’: “Take off everything except your socks.”  “It’s cold in here.” The embarrassing undressings in front of the nurses in these final three segments are hugely entertaining, because the girls do in fact look like students off the corridor and not actresses. Katie flashes full dark fuzz. OTK, rubber gloves, a lube almost a grope, hidden insertion, gasps, etc. Another handspanking. A few wonderful facials from Katie.

#3 “You better be sick this time…take all your clothes off…take down your panties.” Julia Jameson is the nurse; the student is an almost unrecognizably young and frisky ‘Vanna.’ skinny-thin in this year and about 20 years old, thankfully willing to get her temperature taken on-camera. Same procedure, but the camera angle on the insertion is a little better. Just luck? She gets spanked.

#4 The school nurse is a frizzy blonde who  would bother the boys in any school. “Take off all your clothes except your socks,”  to a very thin almost bony next-door-like brunette. The girl stands naked facing us, a full show, uncertain what to cover with her hands, quite embarrassed, while the nurse uses a stethoscope on her back. Nurse shakes the old-fashioned thermometer and does the routine.

There are extraneous noises in the studio, causing both actresses to look up separately–a bit covertly they do it. The nurse will spank with a paddle, much harder than the other spankings here and quite loud, the girl over-screams, but we loved this infirmary. More girls outside?

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