Potpourri #4 – NUWEST NWV-166

5 Dec

year: 1991; time: 28 minutes

A collection of actual potpourri, of clips, some from years earlier than 1991. Cousins ‘Joanne’ and ‘Julia’ Jameson play out lesbian scenarios in the NU-WEST townhouse set.

Joanne awaits Julia, in just her nightie and no panties. She is going to get it tonight. Big Julia, best when she is a Domme, comes home, and soon Joanne is OTK on the bed, getting a spanking with a paddle-ball paddle. She kicks up a storm (dirty feet–someone please mop!). Puss glimpses. Wall mirrors improve angles. The girls are having fun. Joanne gets a creaming.

Another domestic kerfuffle for the girls–Joanne vacuums in purple shorts. Julia is unhappy, because this was to be one of their days. “You know the rules. You bare your bottom every two days!” OTK on the couch, even tinier red panties under the purple shorts.

And finally, Joanne is caught sunbathing in her bikini;  any excuse for a spanking. She drops her bottoms and gets the paddle in several positions around the house.

This film contains a series of ‘birthday’  spankings, harmless and playful enough, except we see the NU-WEST girls in their very early years. Lee spanks ‘Holly’: she is 35! Julia celebrates on Vanna’s bottom–she is 20; Joanne lays on 23 to ‘Sally,’  while the group counts them out; Ed Lee spanks Julia for 26 good years; Katie gets a wonderful 21 over the desk; Joanne celebrates a brunette’s 21st; and Ed greets Joanne’s 23rd. If you worked at NU-WEST would you call in sick on your birthday? No.

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