Rebecca Meets Ed Lee – NUWEST NWV-177

5 Dec

M/f; time: 30 minutes

Vintage, the earliest of NuWest graphics, a lot of fun; Ed Lee narrates: this will be another “interview spanking tape.” Rebecca greets him and gives her own biography: she is 45 years old, from Montana, and answered an advertisement in ‘Penthouse.’ She has always fantasized about being spanked and suggests that nothing like this could happen in Montana! She is a tall, thin, sophisticated brunette, with a short conservative haircut, conventional makeup,  and wearing a two-piece suit.

Lee explains how he does these spankings, “to break you in slowly.” After a little chat in the interview chairs, he sets up to begin the OTK procedure in the center of the studio. Rebecca settles carefully over his lap. “It’s always interesting to have a newcomer over my lap.” After a brief spanking on her skirt–she gasps in surprise at the actual event, they return to chat about the experience.

For the next phases, they will create fantasy scenarios to increase the titillation. Lee will be her uncle. She has maxed her credit cards. This spanking is on a short slip, skirt up.

In the next fantasy, he is a “lecherous boss,” a problem you could imagine this Rebecca having. Skirt up, slip up, spanking on pantyhose.

“The next spanking–I’m going to pull down the pantyhose.”  Black panties.  “I’ve been bad,” she says. At this point he takes the opportunity to rub, something he says an uncle probably would not do. Nor would an uncle comment on her nice ass, as Lee does here.

Back in the chairs. “Getting warm?”   “Yes.”

In the last phase, of course the panties come down. And if Rebecca couldn’t find a spanking in Montana, we’re sure she turned some heads. This bare bottom spanking is filmed from several angles, especially entertaining from below, up her legs. Wonderful facials, gasps, very non-theatrical reaction to a very crisp spanking from Lee. After a rhythmic beginning, Lee announces that the real spanking begins, and switches to one of his patented fast flurries, causing Rebecca to holler and gasp. “Ow, that hurts”

At the conclusion, she scuttles back to the chairs, panties still down;  she covers her front and sheepishly looks at the camera, very much affected by this experience.

One of the best of the interviews, and a celebration to 45 year old adventurous women.




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